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Crunchy-granola in the business world.

My entire life—at least ever since I can remember—I have been torn by following the footsteps of my mother whom is a free-spirit, or my father whom is a businessman. 544 more words

Food For Thought

Child Sponsorship Made Easier

Have you ever seen a child on the street and thought, “I’d love to send that child to school?”  I’m sure you have!  Many of us see children in need, but feel helpless to make a difference. 496 more words


Meeting Margaret- My New Motivation

I met the woman I want to emulate in about 40 years. She was absolutely wonderfully perfect. She’s 80-something, a cancer survivor, married 63 years, gloriously blunt, uplifting to all she meets and exceedingly joyful. 1,235 more words


The Change

Maybe when it feels like everything is falling apart at the seams, that’s actually when things are falling into place. We’re beginning to align with who we really are, who we came here to be; not who we were told to be. 57 more words

Be The Light.

I found it difficult to know where to begin with this one. Impossible, even, as the days passed and each one was painted with another tragedy. 627 more words

Finding Happiness


The other week I stumbled across a video by Be. Bangles that hit me right in the feels. I immediately went out and purchased five bangles, one for myself and one for each of my eldest four girls. 284 more words


My Purpose in Life

Everyone has a different idea of what life means. I’m not one to say that your idea of what life is about is wrong, but I would like to share my ideas about what life should be. 473 more words