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Friday Frida 1 ♥

Well, hello.

I thought it would be fun and interesting if i would associate to each day something that i would write about and share with you guys, besides the regular things! 91 more words


Dressember 2016 Welcome to My Day 1

My daughter saw my dress this morning and asked if I was going to a funeral. I told her “Well, I AM going to work and a piece of my soul dies every day I’m not living my passion. 312 more words

I've never fallen so deep.

It’s 4:00am right now, and I can’t sleep.  You know, it’s that feeling where your body is tired and you want to sleep, but your mind won’t let you. 333 more words

Wednesday wisdom ♥

Be positive, be strong, be brave, be bold, be you, be the change!

And, even if it doesn’t actually have nothing to do with wednesday motivation or wisdom at all, how many of you remember the absolutely lovely W. 40 more words


Be a Role Model

Today, I want to talk about something rather important. That is, being a good role model.

This is something I notice gets a little forgotten throughout social media. 527 more words


Unfortunately with my marching band schedule, I was unable to join the rest of my cohort in the leadership psychology class, but I am still grateful for what I learned in just a regular psych class. 275 more words



Take a step back and get a view over your life.

What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? How do I want to feel? 82 more words