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Let It All Fall Apart

Save your strength for those who need you to be strong
but how tender can you be with your own heart
how patient can you be with your own growth… 175 more words


It's Official: I have an Etsy Store!

I’ve had enough interest in my art to make me think people might actually want to own some. :D So, I created a store on a site y’all have probably heard about: … 430 more words


something I just can't stop thinking about...

This morning I heard something. Something I can’t stop thinking about.

A friend of mine attended a funeral, and he overheard a conversation. A man was talking about something he heard on the radio. 618 more words


“It’s a girl!” said the nurse.
In a state where the birth of a girl child is considered inauspicious, the Maliks decided to raise their daughter to be a wrestler. 213 more words

Be The Change

The Big Lie

Growing up in the 80s, I was born in ’72, our televisions were bombarded with popular shows such as Little House On The Prairie, Growing Pains, and we can’t forget the cheesy Full House. 592 more words

Be The Change

These Shoes WERE Made for Walking

I’m a believer in comfortable walking shoes. Sure some brands might be pricey, but if we analyze shoes on a per cost basis they actually will turn out to be pretty cheap. 347 more words

Be The Change