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true religion is love.

religion did not start with the means of controlling crowds. it did not have the first intentions of wars, money or division. men with those desires could not write such in depth guide books. 585 more words


A Lightbulb Moment: Living on Purpose´╗┐

In brainstorming with my best friend for a work project, we discussed purpose, our life purpose and how to identify it. I find many of my clients ask the question repeatedly of what is their purpose and who are they… Mostly in the larger scheme of life’s picture. 479 more words


Powerful ET message

Following ET the Hip Hop Preacher is almost a daily habit. This #tgim mssg is special and powerful. Take a few minutes watch this and see if this resonates with you…..

Spiritual Life Coaching - Sun and Shade

Spiritual Life Coaching – Sun and Shade

Today is a beautiful sunny day and people have their spirits up (only to be dashed with possible thunderstorms tonight) and I was thinking of that great Psalm of David: 245 more words

Denny Meyer

Join the Initiative for the upliftment of the Talavli and Sapoli villagers on 1st May

This message is to highlight the situation of villages like Talavli and Sapoli which are in and around Pen, enroute Alibaug.  We had done a survey of this village on 20th March 2016. 535 more words


A Frog a Day Keeps Anxiety at Bay

The other day I had to run an errand. It wasn’t just any day, it was a Saturday. Oh, and it wasn’t just any errand…it was going to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. 809 more words


As Technology Increases, Respect Decreases (What's on My Mind Wednesday)

Welcome back to another edition of “What’s on My Mind Wednesday”. Today’s topic is the correlation between technology and respect. I am sure the first thing that a lot of people are thinking is: “What does technology have to do with respect?”. 1,586 more words