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Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

The world is constantly changing, growing. It isn’t always for the best though. In the world today we see a lot of pain and suffering, and it’s heart breaking. 358 more words

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Be The Change

The world seems so dark and cold these days. It has so many wondering where the love is, where the compassion is, where the forgiveness is, where the helping out your neighbor is. 451 more words

Water Changes Everything

“Clean water improves health, gives kids more time in school, empowers women, boosts economies, and gives hope for a brighter future.” – charity: water

Clean Water

Small but mighty

Vegfest London 2016.

Surrounded by vegans, vegan food and inspiration. I ate too much (hello vegan donuts?!) and spent more than I can afford right now. 117 more words


Why do my actions matter?

I never really thought of myself as a mover and shaker. Perhaps others see me that way, but I’ve never really gotten involved in politics or activism beyond student council in high school. 576 more words


Kickin' It With Kale

Ahhh, Kale.  That lovely green, cruciferous vegetable that has a flavor likened to Spinach and Cabbage mixed together.  It’s beautiful dark green leaves are full of healthy antioxidants and nutrient dense vitamins.  340 more words

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Friday Facts

“To end this cycle of water poverty, people need to be self-reliant.”

Clean Water