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Uncharted waters

Here I am, in the last trimester of my second of four years in my Master’s program at AU. In another 3.5 months, I will be half-way through the program and a year away from starting my practicum. 515 more words


Am I Nice?

We all think we are a nice person, and when we act in an unloving way, we justify it by blaming the other person’s behavior. Sometimes we believe that by being “mean back” in those moments, we can teach them a lesson, or “inspire” them to change. 115 more words

Be The Change

A Call to Action

Ironic, that the prompt for today is survive, when a part of this country’s history is fighting for survival.

Under the new administration, and the budget cuts being made, yet another population of innocents are facing devastation and ruin as the BLM suggests an opportunity to cut down on expenses, and raise money by selling wild horses to meat buyers. 494 more words


No Words

Some days you don’t know what to say. Or you have too much to say, but nothing really feels right. You write and you write and then smudge the whole thing. 327 more words


Writing The Talk..II..

Howdy Readers,
I am back on the fourteenth day of continuous blogging. One more week left and after that, I will come occasionally.

Today I will be writing another discussion with my believer friend. 485 more words

Personal Thoughts

Be the change

Im not sure about in your city

But lately mines been showing signs of pity

But look closer; its shitty

Got lots of committees, people claiming to be hippies… 218 more words


No Alcohol, No Problem

Its pretty sad that we as a society are really against drunk driving and teen rape, but also, as a society, adhere to the peer pressure belief that you need to drink to be cool/adult/throw a good party. 361 more words