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Realize the Reality

Hey guys, this is Myanmar this place is in poverty. A beautiful country that once was demolished by fights, and corruption, now its so poor that a kid his age has to work, this country is so poor that they cannot afford good things for themselves. 34 more words

Expressing My Freedom of Speech

Believe it or not, I keep a lot of my opinions to myself (or just between me and a few good friends). I don’t share my opinions on gay marriage, the Confederate flag, feminism, ISIS, religion, politics or many other things. 3,474 more words

Be The Change


It is nice to be at this spot sometimes to relax, but to develop you cannot stay in this spot

Be The Change

Reboot journey

Our family has begun this week a health, wealth and wellness journey named reboot. The choice of why and how we live our lives must be acted upon. 17 more words

Be The Change

New Practice Offering: Yoga and Movement-Infused Therapy

My healing practice is rooted in a fierce belief that transformative healing is possible and accessible. I practice radical mental health and work with folks who want to figure out what radical wellness feels like and means in our own bodies. 494 more words

For Healers And Change Makers

Sabah Says... Why I Fast.

(First published in print and online for Defi Media’s News on Sunday on 26th June 2015.)

Last week, my fourteen-year-old nephew loudly proclaimed, “I can’t wait for Ramadan! 900 more words


You don’t support Marriage Equality because of world hunger?!

“I wish I could do more.”

“One person can’t change the world.”

For every person who said that, there would be a million people to change the world…by just doing the small things. 286 more words