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How many times?

How many times have I tried to change who I am? To be someone different? Better. Stronger. Prettier. Funnier. It doesn’t work.  You can’t.  We are who we are. 151 more words

Be The Change

Break my heart for what breaks yours.

No matter what church I’ve gone to all I hear is how the people of the church want to change the world, but that’s it…It’s all talk. 417 more words

Just freedom!!

The Freedom or Slavery of any Nation is reflected by certain symptoms. The symptoms of Freedom or slavery will tell if a Nation is Independence or Slave. 280 more words


(another) Call To Action

I can recite it

Hundreds and hundreds of times

But that won’t change it


Don't take selfies with wild animals

I was webbing articles at work this morning and ran across a story of a woman charged and thrown by a bison while attempting a selfie with her daughter. 565 more words

Be The Change

Manifesto for a Sustainable Future

Sometimes you just need a good manifesto. Here’s mine:

Preamble: In the midst of the hottest year on record, 2015, I reaffirm my commitment to dedicate my talents and energies towards shifting our destructive global human society in a direction that values the ecological health of the entire web of life on Earth over the short-term gains of a minority of human beings. 478 more words

Alternative Futures