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Being an Modern Day Advocate

You can do it whatever way you like.

Some of you may know that a tiny part of my life over the past 3 years has consisted of advocating for marginalized peoples. 326 more words

Honest Blog

The Hardest Lesson: Love

Just Leave me Alone….

My childhood, was full of emptiness, alcoholism and violence with sexual abuse pretending to be kind. I Wonder in Awe how I ever came to such a place at 57 yrs Old to be able to Know Love. 406 more words

Astrology Magic Within

5 Ways I Can Change My Life Today

How is your Sunday going? It’s snowing where I am and for the first time in a while, i’m okay with that! I appreciate the weather these days, because, even though it’s mostly wet and rainy, there is always a change.  409 more words

Motivation & Inspiration

Be the change

Over this last week, I have been thinking about how easy it is to be sucked into a spiral of negativity, there is so much ranting on Facebook, negative news in the world, in my work role so many of the children I work with have deeply sad stories.I find particularly in mid-January when the days are grey, it is so easy to feel despair and negative, none of these are good for my wellbeing. 382 more words

Early Years

Lift your vibration

You are a living being, part of the incredible species of human beings.

Wow, we are so incredible, not above or below any other species, yet if you look at our variety, the colours, shapes, way we function differently, the resilience, strength, courage, creativity and way some use their intelligence, I type in awe of the uniqueness of us all. 3,720 more words


With a simple smile, we can all make a difference. I am so honored to be considered for this #HumansofASDA series, and to learn of all that inspires my incredible dental colleagues to contribute in so many unique ways. 43 more words


Teacher's  day. 

This Teacher’s Day, I want to share one of my thoughts.

Everyone expects to have a good teacher in his or her life but no one wants to be one. 163 more words