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The Vegan Plea 

Every single one of us has been desensitised and indoctrinated to justify the needless use and abuse of animals in our everyday lives.

It’s far too easy to continue going about things with our heads down and our eyes averted. 552 more words

Animal Agriculture

Stress: The Trojan Horse (1 Minute Read)

We have all experienced stress in our lives. For the most part, it can be the worst feeling we have had to deal with and at other times it has helped us through hard times. 239 more words

Self Help

An Intentional Year - Carrying Forward

After taking time to reflect on and ‘close’ 2016, and considering what I want to carry forward with me to 2017, I’ve purposely let some time pass and let myself come back to these thoughts. 1,055 more words

Embracing Change: Be One With the Wind

Embracing Change: Being One With the Wind The energy as of late has been rather… tumultuous. Have you noticed that as well? It just feels off-kilter. 46 more words

Being Heard

Together we can, we just need the Will

It’s seventeen day since 2017 started – you chose if they’re few or many – and it’s already an year full of adventures.

In few days I sent a CV to an enterprise, I applied for three poetry competititions, print my Master degree dissertation and, finally, I find out new internship opportunities abroad. 201 more words

Failing Your Way To Success. (1 Minute Read)

Failure is not a sign for you to give up. Instead, you should see it as the motivation to succeed. With every failed attempt at something, you learn one more way of how it’s not to be done. 181 more words

Self Help

It's Not Women vs. Men

According to an article at Mint Press News, an incident of domestic violence occurs every 15 seconds against women in the United States.

In comparison, the same article shares that an incident of domestic violence occurs… 403 more words

Domestic Violence