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People Who Don't Want You to be You

They say they have your best interests at heart,

and that they want you to be happy.

But you are happy. Perhaps, with their support, you could be happier. 283 more words

you cant go back or change the past

you can never go back to your past or change the past but you can forget you want to forget. live and enjoy the present. take some lesson to prepare for your future so you cant mistake all over again.


Heavenly Garment Store

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.  

     ~Author unknown, quoted in The Ladies Repository: A Monthly    Periodical, Devoted to Literature, Arts, and Religion, September 1874, commonly misattributed to Henry Van Dyke and Henry David Thoreau… 317 more words


What Is The Meaning Of Friendship?

Does the modern day friendship mean that you have to add each other to the friends list on Facebook? Does it mean that you have to go out every Tuesday and play Football together, otherwise everything is going to fall apart? 489 more words


#BlackLivesMatter: queen_meenah_

Be Who You are, Stay Beautiful!

#BlackCulture #AfricanCulture #BlackHistory #Royalty #ProBlack #BlackBeauty #Melanin #Blackness #MelanatedQueens #BlackExcellence
#BlackandProud #AfricanPride #KnowThySelf #BlackLove #BlackUnity #AfricanQueens #AfricanKings #KnowledgeOfSelf #AfricanKingsAndQueens #BlackLivesMatter #MyBlackIsBeautiful #BlackPride #BlackIsDivine #TheRevolutionWillNotBeTelevised

by queen_meenah_


Identity - Like a rose

If you truly want to find yourself, you’ll need to give yourself permission to be who you are. So many of us are simply playing roles in life, roles we may not even realize we are playing. 885 more words