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Hey! Nice to see you reading my post (no, your webcam isn’t on). I thought I’d start this new series (the first on this blog) where I’ll post a new quote occasionally.

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6 Beautiful Things You Learn When You Creatively Express Yourself

As much as our society values pragmatic logic over artistic expression, creative practices can often translate into real world insight where a logical calculation cannot. Here are six life lessons for when life imitates art. 425 more words

How To Be Yourself (unapologetically )

To be yourself is the greatest accomplishment. This YouTube  video is focused on self expression. I tell my story of self expression and share ways that have helped me to be myself with conviction.   32 more words


Window 1317 – Be who you are — A Window Of Wisdom

Changing who you are and what you think to please another person, will not change anything, accept the path you are meant to be on. ~ WOW ~

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they said she was different.

she wasn’t always brave,
nope, not nearly at all.
she was afraid –
of a lot of things
some big and some small.
she wanted to be that girl… 183 more words



Good morning to everyone. I know I haven’t written in a little bit, not because I haven’t had anything to say or anything is been going on, but actually because there’s been so much to say and so much going on. 561 more words