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I picked up my drink and God came down. Again. Said, “Son, you are who you are.”

“I know,” I said, “but what is that?” 57 more words

Be Who You Are

Be who YOU are

Today I don’t have a long drawn out thing to say…instead I have a challenge for you. Go look in the mirror and look at yourself…see yourself. 131 more words

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This box goes everywhere with me

I wrote it in bold magic marker, lest the cardboard container get mixed in with the books going to storage or the dishes going to Goodwill. 261 more words

Be Who You Are

Meher Steinberg Rocks The Piano on Fear or Love!

The fabulous Meher Steinberg rocked out on the piano today recording our latest song, Fear or Love!

: )

Come at my Chacos.

Hello, spring hello, allergies. On a lighter note… hello, chaco weather the only good thing that can come from a southern spring. Now I understand they are not the cutest shoes but they make me comfortable. 260 more words

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"Should"-s do not have to control your life!

How often do you use “should” during your day? No, I mean seriously, how often do you use this word? How often do you say it out loud? 629 more words

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