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Life's Triathlon: Journey of Peace 2017-- Day 29

Guiding Thought

The purpose of Life for all beings is to experience happiness, peace, contentment, and safety, Knowing the Oneness and Immortality of the Divine Self. 342 more words


It's already done: Journey of Peace 2017-- Day 28

Guiding Thought

When we lift our vibration into Peace and Harmony, all are lifted with us. With this awareness comes great responsibility: we are Peace stewards of all humanity, of all Life. 299 more words

Be Who You Are

A Day of Preparation: Journey of Peace 2017-- Day 26

Guiding Thought

We prepare our mind for Peace. We prepare our mind to recognize that above all else, we want the Peace that passeth understanding. Today, we offer only this, in humility and gratitude to our Divine Self: we are willing to let the Peace of God be what it is, and accept ourselves as we are meant to be. 137 more words


The Hum of Harmony: Journey of Peace 2017-- Day 24

Guiding Thought

We are fulfilled! We are filled to the utmost capacity! We embody All that Is. We are beyond complete! We accept and receive the beautiful gift of Life, and Know the perfection of the Love we Are. 302 more words


"That lipstick was just, like, for fun?"

No matter how far we travel, we can never outrun our parents’ judgement of us.

I’m 38 years old. I have a career, not just a job, a career I am passionate about. 1,151 more words

Peace, Claim It!: Journey of Peace 2017-- Day 23

Guiding Thought

In our natural state of Freedom, our mind knows only serene tranquility and Oneness with All. Nothing need be done, for there is no more to do. 229 more words


Fiery Skin

There Once Was a Girl,
With Fiery Skin..
Smoldering Eyes..
Through an Innocent Grin.

Curious and Daring,
With the Poise of a Ram,
She Charged Her Environment, 247 more words