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Tell yourself that you can..

The important is today and tomorrow.

You are strong

You are great

You can be who you are.


Just be you...

You have to love yourself

Be who you are

Accept Just who you are

Love who you are.


No matter what you do

No matter what you do

As long your heart desire

As long as you believe. 6 more words


Are you Croaking?

Croaking in a froggy kinda’ way…

You’d think that living in the greenest and freshest areas, and being able to climb walls or jump like a Super Hero – would make it happy.   287 more words

Daily Blogs

Beautiful things 

Don’t forget that you are the most beautiful thing in God eyes .

Don’t waste it but love yourself and be thankful..


Yes, your friend IS a flake!

Take a snowflake. In fact, look at a whole field of them.  You’ll see just two simple building materials, Hydrogen and Oxygen.  A much simpler “ingredient” list than a human body, right?  369 more words

Daily Blogs

The most important thing


Have fun

That’s all matter…

Thank Him for this wonderful and beautiful world.. 11 more words