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it’s just a feeling

but i think

there may be 

something scary

in the fort

under the couch. 

“be yourself, whatever it is. even if it’s scary. “

-mariacarla boscono



Touch is an important part of a friendship.  A hug here, a high-five there, each working to reaffirm the person of your trust.  They work to make people happy, and can show solidarity in hard times.  178 more words


What Does Tomorrow Hold?

Musings, reflections, and lessons learned during my recent sabbatical in my butterfly garden:

Don’t dwell in the past, you aren’t there anymore. Focus on today; live in the present. 117 more words


I Wasn’t Made to Fit in Anyone’s Box

Yes, it’s fine to not like something about the person you consider your partner. We have our preferences and perspective of things, but the whole point of being with someone is to accept another person not yourself. 153 more words

Me, Myself, And I

A Self Care List

Just a simple list of things that you can do to take care of yourself.

  • Do Your Dishes
    • Believe me, seeing the bottom of your sink after weeks of dumping plates is a religious experience.
  • 181 more words


Something I’ve learned through living far away from friends (and not having very many for a long, long time), is how to be alone.  Being alone with no one to talk to sucks.  165 more words


A Spring in my step...

It has been months since my last post and we’ve had Winter since then. And suddenly it was Summer at the weekend, super hot and then super noisy, with lots of banging and crashing and white hot flashes of light. 381 more words

100 Miles A Day Dad