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The right time

When is the right time to stop trying with someone? When is the right time to tell yourself ‘just leave it, they don’t care’? When is the right time to move on and focus on yourself?

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Don't Let The World Tear You Apart

Tell yourself, again and again, darling.

Tell yourself as many times as you need. 

You won’t do it anymore. 

You won’t put yourself through it.  86 more words

Life And Love

Day 242

Monday 29th August 2016

We have had a lovely few days in Devon. We have spent our time walking mainly. But we have also played a lot of cards. 287 more words

Weight Loss


I have always considered myself to be a loyal person, but recently I began to think about the conflicts that arise in being loyal.  I believe it is in our nature to be loyal to what we believe is true but when our perception of truth changes, so must our loyalty. 111 more words


Things I've Learned

Although I’m only 18 years old, many say I’m tremendously mature and wise for my young age. Of course, I always thought this was ridiculous, but overtime I have began to realise my full potential. 360 more words