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Comforting zone

Talking about That
is comforting for the mind,
makes the mind feel to be it,
to know everything and nothing about love, silence, freedom, change, will never, let go, person, oneness, marriage, surrendering, others, children, parents, out there, permission, you, me, within, fear, spirituality, union, the way, running away, begging, dieing, endless, end, rebirth, relationships, confusion, beauty, play, judgments, twin flames, living, believe, trust, life and all That… 70 more words


❤️ Breath, Relax, Smile, Be

Breath rather than try.

Relax rather than offer effort.

Smile rather than struggle.

Be rather than do.

– Abraham Hicks


Viral Video: The One Way You Should Be Making Pancakes

Who knew we had been making pancakes wrong all of these years??!!

Here’s an easy and simple way to make the pancakes that you love. Basically, you make it like a giant cookie!


selling life/buying stories/"future shock"

Granted, I write a blog on a social network, but the intellectual property problem of social networking is that social networking has turned emotions/likes/life stories/personal narrative into the ultimate fetish commodity. 63 more words