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I need a hug

A man stands on a city street corner with a sign, “I need a hug”

He is ignored by virtually all, although a few offer money. 216 more words

Struggling for freedom yet caught in my own web!

A web has been spun for every being

Unseen by all who have not yet awakened

A unique web waiting patiently to ensnare each of us… 96 more words

Are you Happy - Can you be Happier ?

We are all in the edge of some sort of happiness, or some sort off sadness
but the question is:  are you really happy ? 712 more words


Who Am I

I am the whisper that says look up and see me, the moon smiling down upon your sweet face

I am that behind the forlorn look of pain searching for relief… 171 more words

I am present, yet you do not see me

I come as a stranger hearing your words

As they resonate so deeply within me I ask you for a coffee

Your surficial mind declines, yet your hearts yes is dismissed… 191 more words

In joy

Oh the theme of JOY continues.  It’s been a while so I smile, welcome and relay.  Years ago when channelling started for me, this was one of the core messages.  347 more words

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