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be around

never one on the circumstances

and first of the feeling

and where it was so caught

and a bulb

and it was the least

and for the keeping… 48 more words


A Strong Woman Doesn't Need To Be Handled

“I can handle a strong woman.” That’s the hardest statement to dissect as a female because it implies that strong women must be handled. Handled by definition means to manage, feel or manipulate with the hands. 553 more words

Mrs Enginerd

Should Sex Be Glamourised?

Sex should be glamourised because it is. That is the reality. The reality is that sex is glamourised. Saying glamour shouldn’t exist when means that we’re unable to accept reality. 330 more words


best to be aware

said it was the meaning

and  who has the magic

pulse of the better

of the tower

and used of the need

and thus of the having… 44 more words


Nơi ấy…

Author: Taebokki

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Chia sẻ đôi lời: Tôi viết chuyện này một cách ngẫu nhiên, cảm xúc đong đầy. 4,456 more words

Hiện đại

To Be or Not to Be...


I have the power to choose to be happy or to let the little things drag me down. You know the bills, the news, the grumpy people, the jerk that cuts you off in traffic, the lady that has 15 items in the 12 item express lane at the grocery store, the spilt juice on freshly washed floor, the computer that does not save the document you’ve been working on for the last 2 hours…. 134 more words

How to become more patient!

Learn how you can develop more patience…plus, determining if a counselor is a good fit for you…plus, how to help an adult child who is depressed… 26 more words