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can't be silly forever

just all in innocence

and never in display

and how it was the effect

and dance to the impact

and rather of the long

and for the mind… 60 more words


september must be rain

turn on the push

and its own having

and called on the charming

and said on the weather of the unknown

and pure as the simple… 46 more words


need not be mute

life is a funny circle

and cycle

and the wheels

and its own fantasy

and called on the display

and words on the move

and its own held believes… 45 more words


The BIG Difference between 2 little words

Have you ever been asked the question “What do you want to BE when you grow up?”. I think you have. Have you ever answered and been positively sure? 753 more words


Google Trips- Best Travel App Ever?

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Have you heard of Google’s newest application, Google Trips? In this tips video we discuss if it is the Best Travel App… 25 more words

Metal Scratches

Her true love was Time,
Spun together with rhymes.
Scratches on metal shine,
Around lit candles align,
Providing all the signs.
Do nothing good or kind, 29 more words

Go get another job, or whatever.

Sometimes I see blog posts, from various popular blogs, about how if you do not like your job you should go do a different job. This is all well and good, but not everyone is independently wealthy enough, & not all of us live in a Utopian communist society to switch jobs all the time. 185 more words