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Sleepy in the City

For the past two years, I have been living and working in the city that never sleeps, but I sure needed to.

At 25, I was EXHAUSTED. 692 more words


30-Day Plank Challenge

Nice to meet you, obliques! 

A strong core is the foundation to a strong body. Think about it: A tree would fall if its trunk wasn’t solid and stable.   299 more words

Healthy Living

Yack's Alternative Guide To Getting A Beach Body

We live in a nation that is obsessed with image, and at the forefront of every health campaign we see is the battle with obesity. Many of us complain that its just not fair that some people can eat what they like and maintain a body worthy of compliment and envy, but there is nothing stopping the average Joe stripping back the fat and having a body to be proud of. 833 more words

Dumb Shit

How to Keep Your Cool in the Summer Heat

Poolside lounging, long bike rides and sunny picnics are the joys of summer. Unfortunately, spending so many hours outside basking in the summer sun may put an individual at risk for heat exhaustion, a serious condition with short and long-term side effects that no one wants to deal with during sunshine-filled vacation months. 538 more words

Women's Health

Get Fit - June Update

This month:

  • I’ve lost 27 pounds to date, my BMI is ALMOST out of the “obese” category (it’s going to happen soon, I can feel it!), and I’ve lost 5% body fat so far.
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This will get those abs burning!
It’s an intense ab workout that targets every important ab muscle, so you can carve your core from every angle and take your workout routine to the next level. 726 more words

Deep Blue Sea 

Looking at the azure sea and hearing the waves hitting the soft sand is therapeutic and calming. Lying on a beach bed for 8 hours on a Sunday (in the shade of course) provides plenty of entertainment – fashion speaking. 247 more words