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Beach Body BS

Summer is finally here, hauling body image issues in its wake. As the warmer weather slowly begins to seep its way across North America, posts and blogs about “how to get your best beach body” are trending like wildfire, causing women and men of all ages to panic, stress and frantically research quick ways to shed pounds. 1,322 more words


Meal prepping for the week...Ready... set...

There is often a failure for how we nourish our bodies correlated directly with how we plan for our bodies, and above all else… prioritize.  Five take out sessions a week is easily accomplished when working full time and being a mommy… let alone if you have further agreements.   482 more words

21 Day Fix - Week 1 Down

I started a day late so technically day 7 was yesterday instead of Sunday.

I think it’s going pretty well. I only missed two workouts but doubled up on Sunday. 197 more words


Check Out Kim Kardashian's Unphotoshopped Bikini Pics

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Strip Down to Bikinis in Mexico (PHOTO GALLERY) https://t.co/gxMdJ0eIg0

— TMZ (@TMZ) April 24, 2017

We’re all human, even though it’s hard to remember that when you’re looking at all the flawless pictures of people like Kim K online.

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What are the Best Luxury Boot Camps for Losing Weight?

You realize that beach season is a mere 5 weeks away, right? How’s that New Year’s resolution to lose some weight going?

If you’re at your goal weight, congratulations, you gym bunny, you. 1,193 more words


3 Days In

Not doing to shabby and not regretting my choice to start this.

My legs are like jell-o and my whole body is sore but it is a good feeling. 117 more words


That Ass...

So summer will be here sooner than you think. And you want to put some finishing touches on that figure before hitting the beaches. Here are some of the best exercises that will get your butt looking it’s best. 359 more words