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How to REALLY relax

Do you work out when you’re on vacation?

I do. But before you tell me I’m nuts, lemme ‘splain: I don’t work out to look a certain way or be a certain size. 276 more words


Workouts for us Chubby Guys... and our Epic Teenage Sons

Something truly miraculous happened at the beginning of Summer, 2015. My son, yes my teenage son who had never worked out a day in his life, approached me and asked me to exercise with him. 608 more words



Cardio Toner #1: Torso Twister (Dancing Twist)

Turn up your favorite song and dance off those love handles with this move! Stand with feet together, arms bent front of chest. 691 more words

Lose That Weight!

Confessions of a Lazy Runner

I think all runners go through this at one point or another…the dreaded bout of laziness where you just can’t get your self out there to do what you have to do. 289 more words


Chapter 1 of 12: My plan

This post is inspired by a quote I saw on Instagram this morning:

This is now the month of August, chapter 8 of 12. I really liked the sentiment behind it that every month of the year is like a chapter in which something new and exciting happens or we can try something again. 428 more words



Gents, it’s that time once again!!! The X-TREMELY FLEXED Fitness Challenge is here and our Coaches are “X-TREMELY” excited to support you on your journey to a healthier you!  268 more words

Beach Body

Just the way you are

In the bleak midsummer, there is a tiny ray of light. After watching all my colleagues and friends head off to the sunshine and then return, my summer holiday is almost here: just two days to go. 1,328 more words