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Loss of Innocence

Driving down a country road on a perfect summer’s day, my convertible top down, and the radio blasting vintage Beach Boys, I am transported temporarily to a younger and more innocent time. 687 more words

A Few Summer Music Selections . . .

Few albums leave a lasting impression on me like those which I have listened to over a specific summer. For some reason, the combination of the weather, the work-free time, and the music creates a sort of instant nostalgia, and thinking of those records later brings me instantly back to spinning it in those sweet months. 506 more words


The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (CD) By The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Capital 2018

Review by David Bowling

There has been a recent deluge of albums of previously released material with newly added backing by orchestra’s. 298 more words

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Season Cycle: Summertime!

Another change of the seasons, and for most, the favorite one of all, and not surprisingly, there are many songs to celebrate the time of baseball, barbecues, beer, and bug bites. 673 more words


The Dead Beat Goes On and On

      Some of the announcements we hear on the radio are apt to make us pause, others stop us dead in our tracks. One I heard recently combined both as I paused to reflect on how the quick are tracing the tracks of the dead. 197 more words

Music Memories

The concerts you missed out on

A radio personality reminded me the other day that one of my favorite acts, Huey Lewis and the News—I double-checked, and the band uses “and,” not “&,” more often than not—was likely done touring because Huey is experiencing Meniere’s disease, or progressive hearing loss. 228 more words


June 20 - 'Smile' - It's Brian Wilson's Birthday

It’s well-noted that the Beach Boys felt highly competitive with the Beatles back in the ’60s. Well, there are plenty of cross-Atlantic similarities and somehow it seems no matter what the Beach Boys did, The Beatles outdid them a wee bit! 375 more words

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