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Each wave handed back garbage - a first

Today was the first beach cleanup where I witnessed the ocean speak its mind by handing back garbage with each pound of a wave. It was staggering – disappointing – mind-boggling. 633 more words


Yay! I found another dog poop bag!

“Yay! I found another dog poop bag on the beach!”, said me – never. Just about every single time I go to the beach, I find a dog poop bag that a dog owner left behind.  739 more words


Third needle later...

That moment when I could take a left and go home or take a right and drive to Ocean Beach. Despite that I was soaking wet from rain and ready to get warm at the cozy abode, I felt yanked right to go to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. 869 more words


Legacy ~ Dear Gramps

Dear Gramps,

The sound of the rain coming through my window was so comforting as I curled up in my bed late last night. As the rare storm made its presence known, I was wondering how high the ocean waves were and what they were coughing up on the beach. 832 more words


Guess what the top 2 plastic beach litter are from photo

On October 22nd, 2015, I went on one of my beach cleanup excursions and of course I collected a lot more than what’s shown in the photo. 498 more words


Single-use plastics & birthday suits at the beach

Was that a dude walking butt-naked that I just saw out of the corner of my eye? Oh, and another one spread-eagled on the sand turning pink from the sun… oh and an entire nude family.  1,185 more words