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Each wave handed back garbage - a first

Today was the first beach cleanup where I witnessed the ocean speak its mind by handing back garbage with each pound of a wave. It was staggering – disappointing – mind-boggling. 633 more words


Yay! I found another dog poop bag!

“Yay! I found another dog poop bag on the beach!”, said me – never. Just about every single time I go to the beach, I find a dog poop bag that a dog owner left behind.  739 more words


Third needle later...

That moment when I could take a left and go home or take a right and drive to Ocean Beach. Despite that I was soaking wet from rain and ready to get warm at the cozy abode, I felt yanked right to go to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. 869 more words


Guess what the top 2 plastic beach litter are from photo

On October 22nd, 2015, I went on one of my beach cleanup excursions and of course I collected a lot more than what’s shown in the photo. 498 more words


Your cigarette butts are killing more than just you

Once I pulled into the Ocean Beach, San Francisco parking lot, and breathed in the beautiful fresh ocean air, I knew I was back home. The concept of “home” is in question right now as I am looking for a place to live in the oh so popular San Francisco. 628 more words


I work for the birds

This time, I landed on a small beach just north of Pacifica for my short beach cleanup excursion. There’s something to be said about just getting in the car and driving, with no idea where you’re going to end up at until you pull over and park the car.  657 more words