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Small and buy local

Come shop with us, get a  start Friday evening, enjoy our new exhibit.  Nowhere else is your patronage  more appreciated than in our quirky seaside town of Lake Worth.   481 more words

Super Moon part 2 of 2

Dining under the full moon.  In some life times you have an experience that you will always remember.  Such was the convergence of Lake Worth Diner en Blanc and the appearance of the Super Moon.   220 more words

atypical weekend in Lake Worth? part 1 of 2

This is part one of two.  Looking for a quiet seaside town? This was an  atypical weekend 

The last several days have been busy busy starting with Thursday Night.   482 more words

Team Vacation

Over the Holiday Dia de los Muertos we had 3 days off from work.  We took advantage of these days off.  On Wednesday, Josh, Peter, and I hiked mount Pichincha.   87 more words

Thursday night peddlers ride again on THURSDAY

QUIRKY MAYBE BUT The THurSDAY NIGHT peddlers are back on track.  Riding every Thursday night from here on in. YES and with the time change we meet 5:30 and ride at 6p.m..  338 more words

Costa Rica, the Pura Vida way.

Costa Rica, the small country with big features. I travelled here twice in 2012 and still have dreams of this beautiful place. The small town I stayed in is called Santa Teresa, and is located on the Northern Peninsula off the Pacific side. 265 more words