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Cute idea

I bet the tourists snap these up by the dozens!


How I spent my weekend

a little like, how did you spend your vacation.  I went to the  International Book Fair an annual gigantic event.  The purpose was to find something that would enhance our own Book Fair on April 10,  It will be our first and it has to be awesome even if it is just for one day.   1,024 more words

My week started with SNOW….well, to be fair, it falls every hour on the hour in City Place from 7 – 9pm but unlike the real thing, it does not hang around for ages causing problems on the roads and making sidewalks slippery. 600 more words

Lets do it.

8:00 a.m.   If you feel you want to put in some volunteer hours Royal Poinciana  neighborhood is tackling s H st. this morning starts at 8 a.m. 232 more words

a grand day in honor of all the Veterans

Some of you had to work and could not see the parade honoring our heroes.  Here is photo sharing between myself and Mel of Mel and Vinney.   67 more words