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300mm Fishing Float

I found this on the beach near Fort Crockett Park in Galveston Texas on July 4th. It says “For Yung Plastic Industry Co. Made in Taiwan Republic of China” On the other side it says Durable pressure 30kg/cm sq Buoyancy 14.5kg Dia: 300mm.

More Bottles

I beachcombed these bottles on the 4th of July 37 more words


Sea turtles have been feasting on things like foam and soft plastic.

Big Foot Tendon Fin

I found a Big Foot tendon fin on Seawall Beach in Galveston Texas. It came from the $9 billion Chevron Big Foot oil rig south of Louisiana. 21 more words

Japanese Floats


found two big floats at Kamilo Beach in Hawaii. The shiny one is for tuna trapping and the dull one is for oyster trapping. They are about the size of a standard world globe. 25 more words


I found a Clorox bottle top at Seawolf Park in Galveston Texas. It is from the 1950’s or 60’s.


I found three ball-pit balls that all say “enor.