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Black Summer Dress is a Must-Have

Black is back! Yes I know, you’ll say that black has always been on the stage and that it’s the eternal colour. I won’t argue with that, but what hasn’t always been true is black being the ultimate day colour in summer. 416 more words

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Hey my lovely readers, first of all how are you? Hope you are all well, second: I’m super sorry because I didn’t update my blog the last week but I’m really busy here in Indonesia plus the internet connection isn’t working good. 121 more words


White embroidery tunic top.

Can you guess what year this article was from?

Getting Ready for Summer!

Alright, so it’s a bit early to be getting excited for summer, but I’m done with winter now. (all you southern hemisphere lot will understand!) I managed to get my hands on the last few metres of this lovely material before it was biffed and I thought hoe great it would look  on the beach, in my bikini, hiding my bum at the same time. 6 more words

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