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Hurricane Liquors | Holmes Beach, FL

Camp’s car is speeding down the narrow roads that somehow seem narrower than when we arrived.

“So what have you been doing all day?” I ask. 1,492 more words


Holmes Beach | Anna Maria, FL

The water’s calmer today.

Yesterday’s waves have fallen away, drained into a place beneath the sand and replaced by a warm, blue stillness. Tochka, Coop and Sally are flattened against their towels, face-down and sleeping a few feet from me. 900 more words


love ya to 1212 and back | beach week recap

Nothing gets me through those last few weeks of classes better than knowing beach week will be waiting at the end. Time spent playing in the ocean, going out at night, making new friends, and developing a killer tan (or burn, in my case) all make for an unforgettable week. 702 more words


Island Time Bar & Grill | Brandenton Beach, FL

Orange lights. Fuck all that.

I stand and tell the others I’m going to the bathroom.

I walk across the wide room and turn down a narrow hallway and push the door out into the night. 1,047 more words


Coquina Beach | Longboat Key, FL

I can see him again. I can see the man in the wide black hat. He’s walking toward me, and now he’s beside me, and now he’s walking away. 1,063 more words


Ginny’s & Jane E’s Bakery Cafe | Anna Maria, FL

I wake up in a bed a look at my watch “It’s 11:30″

There’s snickering in the hallway and I open my eyes to find a phone falling from the front of Coke’s smiling face. 1,027 more words