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What You NEED To Understand About Beachbody Coaching

In this video, Elite Beachbody Coach Trey Bearor discusses what you NEED to know before becoming a Beachbody Coach and what you understand about Beachbody Coaching. 161 more words

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Biggest Concerns as a Beachbody Coach

In this video, Beachbody Coach Trey Bearor discusses the biggest concerns as a Beachbody Coach from people who aren’t sure about starting their own fitness business from home. 369 more words

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My Biggest Mistake as a Beachbody Coach

What’s up guys! My name is Trey and in this video, I want to go over the biggest mistake I’ve made in the past 3 years of Coaching. 381 more words

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Food Tools!

I have to tell you more about this EAT SMART tab. I am seriously over the moon for it!

I tell the women in my challenge groups (online groups of 20 or so people who stay accountable to one another about their workout and nutrition) to make good choices about what they eat when eating out. 429 more words

I Don't Know

What do you want to eat?

I don’t know.

What? Really! You don’t know. Why the heck not?

I believe there are two end points on the eating spectrum. 324 more words

Forgive Yourself vs Push Through

The other day, I was half way through a 70min yoga program with my guy Tony Horton called P90X2 when I hit the wall. I just flat didn’t want to do another sun salutation or downward dog. 191 more words

Sneak Peek Into Coaching!

So what exactly does a coach do? That can vary depending on your goals, but generally speaking a coach shares the programs and products he/she is using to promote healthy lifestyle changes in others. 468 more words