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Every Walk

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks …



    Whenever a message in a bottle is discovered on a beach or floating in the ocean, it feels like something out of a dream.  The idea that two people have made a connection that mathematics would say is virtually impossible, gives us hope…  the hope that life is more than a series of random events. 13 more words

Thought For The Day

Wedding Season...

I’ve spent a lot of time this summer creating wedding portraits. Wedding dresses require longer pieces of sea glass than most of the things I make and it’s always exciting to find a long, slightly curved piece of weathered glass lying on the sand. 44 more words

Pebble Art



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This article is about searching the beach. For the famous wartime carrier pigeon, see Beach Comber.

Beachcombing is an activity that consists of an individual “combing” (or searching) the beach and the… 1,334 more words


A Day at the Beach

Taking advantage of a good low tide is something everyone should do as often as possible.

Last week I went down for a 9:30 AM low tide and found all sorts of cool critters! 24 more words


Anemones Everywhere!

Today’s low tide at Finlayson Point was great for beach combing and I found all sorts of interesting life in the intertidal zone! There was a great sample of anemones, including aggregates, rose and painted anemones! 160 more words


Nudibranch at Finlayson Point!

Exploring the rocks at low tide today I came upon what appeared to be an oddly coloured anemone – However, upon closer inspection, I realized it was a nudibranch! 109 more words