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Today I’m sharing a necklace that I call Opposites Attract. I love the way the delicate crochet contrasts with the chunky blue beads.

The first thing I did was crochet the blue collar. 166 more words

Wish I Could Do That

Sequins , sequins, sequins !!

Just a warning, this is a very long post !!!

In case you could not tell from the title, this post is about sequins.  Sequins are my favorite craft and beading medium. 1,244 more words


MOB dress shopping

Yesterday, M, D and I started looking for M’s dress for the wedding. We already knew which styles she liked because of Pinterest, but now that she tried on some dresses, we’ve narrowed it down to the exact style that she likes on herself. 87 more words


Next in the series

Continuing on with the damask napkins, I’m at a point where input would be appreciated! I need to remember that the point of this was to combine traditional quilting designs, non-traditional colors on the luscious damask, hand stitching and beads. 183 more words


Overlapping row of sequins

This is a basic beading technique I use often and I’ve seen it referred to with different names. Basically it is sewing sequins down in a row with the sequins partly overlapping, like roof tiles. 409 more words

Beading--slow, but finished!

All that whining about how long the beading was taking, was just that…whining! It really didn’t take that long to finish the piece, a few days, off and on. 260 more words


Looking for a particular bead color?

Whether shopping at a bead store or online, searching for beads that have a particular color name can sometimes be frustrating. Problems arise when a supplier changes the name that originated with the bead manufacturer. 189 more words