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Stacking it up!

Finally getting some pieces mounted and ready for their next homes. And it’s also nice to know that that’s a real possibility now. I’ve sold quite a few pieces this year so I’m hopeful that the trend will continue. 203 more words


Bits of work

Just little bits of work going on right now.

I found the perfect thread for adding some stitching to my turquoise beaded heart–and I already had it in my stash! 192 more words


My heart options are done!

You know, the heart motif is really not my favorite. I kind of went with a few ideas because that beaded piece ran across my easily distracted brain! 150 more words


My heart has options 2

My heart has only existed as a line so far. I’d like to see it as a bolder form and a little larger today.

Decide on a size and cut a piece of fabric 2-4″ larger than that, for your background. 344 more words


My heart has options

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that an old project had possibilities for revival and even other options.

And then I couldn’t FIND it! I looked everywhere! 269 more words



Rather than call it procrastinating, I prefer to say that I am contemplating my options.

That’s about all I got done today, trying to decide which beads I want to use on this piece. 23 more words

Art Quilts

New year, new piece

These little 12 x 12 pieces that I’ve been making over the past year are a real joy. Even though I haven’t quite met my goal of one a week, I came pretty close. 159 more words