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Bead day decisions

Several of my projects are at the point where they need beads. Sometimes I know exactly which beads will work best and other times…well, let’s just say that I enjoy reviewing every. 285 more words



Couldn’t wait to get those cute little red flower beads on the circle piece.

And I was totally disappointed in how they didn’t show up as a focal feature on the piece. 120 more words


The red thread made me do it!

When I headed down to the studio today, I had no idea what I would be working on. I brought these two pieces down to add to the pile for mounting. 205 more words


Which way is up?

One of my beliefs is that a good abstract design is good in any orientation. That’s just a general statement, of course, and doesn’t always hold true, but quite often I make something and don’t know which orientation I like best. 48 more words


Up and down

So much done yesterday…so much NOT done today!

My creativity kind of took a little break today. I pulled out a bunch of fabrics and ended up putting them all away again! 126 more words

Art Quilts

World Traveler

World traveler? Oh, not me! I simply know many people who manage to make their way around the world—

and then bring me gifts!!!!

I’m one of the luckiest people in the world, I think. 235 more words


Projects on my mind

There are several projects that keep popping up to the top of the “Finish Me First” list. My Knot Even Quilters group (AKA Wacky Quilters) has been looking at fabric manipulation.  425 more words