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Next in the series

Continuing on with the damask napkins, I’m at a point where input would be appreciated! I need to remember that the point of this was to combine traditional quilting designs, non-traditional colors on the luscious damask, hand stitching and beads. 183 more words


Beading--slow, but finished!

All that whining about how long the beading was taking, was just that…whining! It really didn’t take that long to finish the piece, a few days, off and on. 260 more words


Beading is slow work

My largest damask piece is getting a lot of teeny, tiny beads. Not for a specific design reason. Nope, just because I had ’em!

Guess what? 52 more words

Art Quilts

Dithering decision dilemna...as usual

There is always a point in a project when I can’t easily make a decision on what to do next. Well, truth be told, usually there are several points like that! 236 more words


Ummm....sometimes it takes a while

I’m not always the brightest bulb on the string. I’ve been advocating things like using multiple shades of a fabric rather than a single shade for your project, using many colors rather than just one, variety is what makes your work sing….I’ve always said that I’m an eclectic beader and will use any bead that fits the theme. 230 more words


On my mind today...

Started adding beads in the “random” section of the Blue Lake project.

I’m not too sure that the “random” beads add the feeling that I want. 35 more words


Art/music project

Making slow progress on this piece. I’m adding beads, but they are itsy, tiny beads!

This will take quite a bit of time, but I think the beads are necessary. 14 more words