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Simple, but not done.

Keeping it simple is one of my new goals. This piece certainly qualifies, but I think it’s a bit too simple!

There’s no real marriage between the gingkoes, the black and the background. 199 more words


Simple = Subtle

Subtle is very rarely part of my vocabulary. I like it when I see it, but I sure can’t produce it! I think I may have done it this time. 137 more words


This week's special

Getting caught up with my Weekly Special resolve for this year! I really don’t think I’ll keep count until about June. By that time I’ll need to check and see that I’m still on track for one per week…OR I’ll be so sick of doing these little pieces that I’ll decide to move on to some other “regularly scheduled” practice! 159 more words


Painted Ladies

These little face beads just enchanted me and I knew that I would have to use them in one of my Weekly Special pieces.

One thing I found out while I was adding some stitching to this one is that the Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff™ that I use is not easy to add embroidery stitches through. 115 more words


Back and forth, back and forth

Scrolling through my library of blog pictures, I can see that I post a few pictures as I work on something, then show something else, then go back to show progress on the other thing and then go on to something else and come back to progress made on the second thing…….I almost never show one single thing from start to finish, because that’s not how I work, nor is it how I record my progress. 382 more words


Too Many Leaves?

Christmas tree time meant re-arranging the furniture in the living room. After Christmas, not everything went back to where it began, including my beading table. It really fits better in a part of the room that does not have a line of sight to the TV. 264 more words


One more background

I had time to put together one more Weekly Special package. I liked the addition of paint to that first piece so I thought I’d add a few pieces of silk to this one. 238 more words