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Changing direction

This summer I will be teaching at Blue Lake again. Middle school children, fiber arts. I love doing this and I have my major project for them all figured out. 239 more words


KEQ--making beads

Our meetings are not nearly long enough to make tons of beads! We needed more time! It’s lucky for us that the clay making didn’t happen, because lack of time would have been utterly frustrating! 196 more words

Surface Design

Keepin' on...

Very little time for sewing this week, but I grab a few minutes here and there. That’s how I’ve always worked on my projects and eventually they get done. 12 more words


Couldn't stop sewing...

Yes, I started that little handwork project, taking shreds

and sewing them into a leaf design.

I could not stop! Perhaps because it was a ‘sitting on the couch’ handwork project or perhaps because I never knew what the next scrap would lead to! 97 more words


Love small projects!

There is so much satisfaction in completing any project, from housecleaning (Ugh!) to art making. It makes you smile and feel good about yourself simply to be able to say ‘Done!’ 232 more words


All right!


I love this little circle the best!


I ended up using the orange beads, rather than any of the those greens.

It feels so good to have a couple of things finished!


Try again...

The one piece that I was sure of was the circles with the black stitching. Black beads were going to be perfect.

All they did was make the piece look dead and dull. 184 more words

Art Quilts