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I Would Like to Interrupt the Complaining

Because I am artistically inspired. I’ve had a bunch of drawings sitting around since last year, and hadn’t decided what to do with them. Then, I realized I wanted to return to beading them, and then (if this first experiment goes well) sealing them with a thick layer of high gloss art resin epoxy. 45 more words


African Cultural Red Beads

Beads are part of African cultural costumes especially for lifetime events and not-to-be-forgotten memories and moments.

Commonest of them is the conventional red beads usable for both genders as neckwear, wrist wear, headwear, ankle wear, rings and as earrings. 115 more words

Oh Gaia, how you torment me!

Have you ever tried to get a silver glass to do its thing and it simply refuses. Gaia is one of the Double Helix colours which I purchased at least one year ago, but have simply never had the time to sit down and play with in the flame. 91 more words

Happy Rainclouds!

I’ll be honest.  I don’t like the rain.

Its usually cold, the ground gets all muddy, the dog is stuck in the kitchen until he dries. 105 more words

My Designs


Wasee, Wasee! Okay so today I have a special post. Last week I was asked to do a collaboration by Alexis Nereah. When I asked what she had in mind, she had the most perfect idea. 251 more words

My Style