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"Camo" color fusion...I need to do some research.

Since I’m going in so many different directions and don’t know, really, which is best — maybe I should just pick what I’m feeling “on” about, and go with it. 678 more words


Secret Beadalong - colours

One of the wonderful things about the Beadalong is seeing all of the different colourways.  It’s unusual to be exposed to so many interpretations of the same design so quickly, and it’s been fascinating looking at the different approaches we all take.   288 more words


Secret Beadalong - Day 5

Nice, although my tension on the surround has a tendency to distort the bezel, and I prefer the look of the back set of petals to the front…. 110 more words


Showcasing: VelvetVolcano, handmade accessories for style conscious Gals !

Introducing beautiful handmade accessories by VelvetVolcano attention to detail and unique designs.

About VelvetVolcano

My business is ‘Spooky, Sweet and Sparkly Jewellery, Accessories and Apparel for glitz loving gals and ghouls’. 223 more words

Showcasing: Charmed Fragrances!, Fragrances with a personal magical touch!

This work is very cute and all the rage in modern interiors for this reason Charmed Fragrances caught our eye, but these are not just your ‘run of the mill’ scent sachets these are handmade with love by a local crafts woman and decorated with magical charms. 138 more words

showcasing: Art by Teresa-Jane, fantastic intricate beadwork!

We were impressed by the level of dedication and detailing used to create such wonderful pieces of art!

About Teresa-Jane

“i’m a mother of 3 boys and live in Reading,i am Partially Deaf,2 of my boys are deaf too,they cope really well with hearing aids where as I cant get on with them,i love teaching myself new craft ideas,i would have gone to collage to do art but couldn’t keep up as cant understand what people are saying at the best of times so was rather awkward,i have spent 7 years teaching myself how to do the Tattoo style artwork and now beaded portraits with sand beads gravel and wire,so many different types of glue and materials I have used to see what goes best.love every minute of creating,i have now been asked to do workshops for hobbycraft in the Reading store and have my work on display at the shops,very chuffed and exited about things to come,i am founder of Britain is crafty and Ourlilworld which are on facebook,I share eveyones pages in category Albums and share their status udates to show their work they have been doing.xx.i won Reading arts week this year with my 4 by 4 foot dragon and Pheonix.” 30 more words

Secret Beadalong - Day 4

Domestic commitments yesterday mean I am no longer working a day ahead! So here is day 4, just in time. This one was quite fiddly and took a while to complete, but I like the results. 52 more words