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Makers Crafters and Gifts

We are in the shoot heading for the Holidays. Some of us look forward to it and some try to get by. Some of us craft our way through. 325 more words

Handmade Art

Progress on Winter Cabin

We have snow!  I managed to get a little beading done between rounds of shoveling earlier this week. We got about 8 inches of new snow. 22 more words

The Beaded Back Piece

I recently re-watched the Star Wars prequels, and noticed that the black invasion gown has a large, heavily beaded piece holding the back of the overcoat together. 351 more words

Research & Supplies

Playing with my Picasso 15/0's!

Hey, everyone! I’ve been playing with those gorgeous Picasso 15/0’s I was telling you about in my last post and wanted to share what I’ve been working on. 268 more words


It’s never too early…

Many gift-giving dates are fixed…birthdays and Christmas, to name a few. Preparing for these occasions is stressful enough without the task of running out at the last minute to buy gifts. 196 more words


Back to beading

The head swelling has abated. After having two pieces accepted in 64th Parallel, getting Honorable Mention for one of them, finding out that one of them was purchased and getting ready for my Artist of the Month show, I can now settle back into a routine of beading. 120 more words

Painting allows tighter color control than beadwork...

End of an era?

Tomorrow is the final session of one of the two annual bead shows I’ve attended. Although I did get today off of work (surprise!), and I did get one homework assignment done (surprise?), I still feel behind enough so that I don’t want to spend my time tomorrow buying beads…which I won’t, then, have the time to use. 1,253 more words