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Finding bed bugs in Montreal has gone to the dogs

In a non-descript garage, an employee of Thermapro Solutions scans carefully for insects.

She’s on all fours with her nose to the ground.

Bed bugs are in the news a lot lately- one company locates the critters with dogs, like Sunshine.

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Summer Safety Tips For Walking Your Dog

When I lived in Maryland, I would wake up early, around 6am, to walk my dogs every single day.  Once I moved to Massachusetts, I was able to walk my dog a bit later, around 8am, but even like that I always have to remember the following: 234 more words


Monday, hot Monday

I haven’t looked at the weather forecast for this week. I should look for tomorrow, because I want to run a bunch of miles. Just a minute… 362 more words


rest in peace, sweet boy.

On Saturday, we had the awful task of putting our dog down. Hudson was 14 years old.  He was a beagle.  The last 3 years, he was a diabetic that we had to give insulin twice a day.   693 more words

Rough day

I got a beagle, I named her Stella

she was 6 month old

and she’s been with me for 5 days now

and I’m already tired… 70 more words

Meet Tomi

9 of #100HappyThings

Tomi is the newest member of the family. He is named after my grandparents Tang Tony and Nang Miling. He’s so playful and cute. 12 more words

Journal And Insights

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday----Stuff

My days are pretty much just rolling along.  We are starting to see little vines and flower buds on the pinto beans.  I could care less, but Mom and Dad think it’s a HUGE deal.  223 more words

Life On A Colorado Farm