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WATCH: Beagle In Westminster Dog Show Just Won't Listen

We’ve all had hard times trying to train our puppies, but would you put your dog in the world’s most renowned dog show?

Well Mia is an adorable Beagle who just had to take a second to pause and take it all in… during her performance. 9 more words


Beagle Loses Big At Westminster, Wins Hearts Of Those Watching [Video]

I have a beagle, and if you have a beagle, you know. The nose goes. If they smell something, they don’t care about anything else. Case in point, this morning Tim started sniffing the air and within a minute found a treat ball that the BF gave our other dog last night. 93 more words


Distracted beagle steals the show at Westminster agility competition

NEW YORK – Mia the beagle might not have won the agility competition at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but she managed to steal the show. 81 more words


Ausgewandert nach Südafrika (6. Folge) - Mit Löwen auf Du und Du

Jetzt den Kopf nicht hängen lassen, dachte ich als sich mein Traum der Acacia Tree Game Lodge in Rauch auflöste. Ich war noch einmal zurückgekehrt, um mich von allen zu verabschieden und meine Sachen abzuholen. 678 more words

Süd Afrika

This Adorably Distracted Beagle Is All Of Us Today

Just as people are often judged by unrealistic beauty standards in pageants, canines competing in the Westminster Dog Show are also subject to elite expectations. Both of which I find a little ludicrous, what if a dog just wants to be a dog and do goofy dog things? 173 more words


Life outside a crate

As many of you know, I am a mom to a wonderful beagle named Snoopy, who is now 1 1/2 year old. Life with Snoopy didn’t start out easy–potty training, chewing stuff up, and the infamous beagle bolts and the energy! 875 more words


Unexpected & Unprepared

It was late August last year and we were on our way home from a very long day. We drove 6 hours round trip to pick up a horse trailer.  256 more words