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"The Wag" / Memorable Fancies #1545

All you beagles look alike here; how do you tell each other apart?

We wag.


Like a semaphore. Each of us has a different tailwag; mine is up down down left. 61 more words


Favorite Video Friday - A little pool time with Beagles

For one short day this month, the weather was really hot.

Really hot.

91 degrees hot.

And on that day, we opened the pool.

It was beautiful. 75 more words

Fun Stuff

~ Cee's B&WPC - Tongues and Tails ~

I could have gone into the trove of photos I took at the San Diego Zoo to provide a diverse collage of tails, but I’d rather feature our very own — now well-loved by many of you – Jello. 161 more words


~ JNW's One Word Photo Challenge - Burn ~

Makeshift fire-pit at entry to the beach from Chautauqua Lodge, Longbeach, WA USA

Jello adores being at the beach. After running, rolling and playing it’s time for a good sniff about!


We Learn Something New Everyday!

We are grateful that Marie, Khid, Dobby and Sergeant engaged our pet taxi service for their return trip from Ubin today. Check out their impressive gear and equipments, WOW! 121 more words

Pet Taxi Service

Three thousand trees

That’s what I’m planting this year. All by hand. No mechanical devices involved. That’s not counting the 500 or so that I already moved from road ditches and places where they will never be left alone to grow and planted where they will get lots of sunshine and space. 643 more words


Roger Ebert Film School, Lesson 11: Shiloh (1997)

Roger Ebert Film School is a recurring feature in which Brandon attempts to watch & review all 200+ movies referenced in the print & film versions of Roger Ebert’s (auto)biography… 965 more words

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