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It's a killer

I never thought I’d miss the squirrels, but I do.

They may be back eventually, but for now, I think there’s a big red X on our yard and they’re all staying away. 446 more words

Animal Antics

A Rabbit Hunting Reunion

We’ll travel to Troy, Bradford county, for a rabbit hunt that’s turned into tradition for a bunch of young guys. 22 more words

PA Outdoor Life

Ask Yeti: Advice from an Evil Beagle, Part 1

Yeti is our pet beagle, and he was forged in the 8th Sphere of Hell. He is a liar, a false prophet and a burgeoning cult leader. 555 more words



Sundae and Law were trailing a rabbit just down the hill from where Lisa’s lives now. Lisa would have loved the sound. She loved Law, he was her pride and joy. 284 more words

River Bottom Beagles

CTOTD: Last one of the Season

This is the Howler that I was teasing yesterday. It’s my favorite of the non snowman ties and one of the few that I’ve paid full price for. 85 more words

The Beagle Christmas 

The Labrador is barking downstairs.

Why is no one getting up?

It’s 9:00am, have they forgotten we eat at precisely 7:00am?

I’m going to start licking my dad. 191 more words


And then came Tillie

It was such a long two months.

We said goodbye to the sweetest little dog we’d ever had, a beagle who went on our honeymoon with us, traveled on vacations, went on picnics, took us for walks, made us laugh. 870 more words

Living With A Dog