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Gigantic beanbag!

If you didn’t already know, comfort and relaxation are big on my agenda hence why I’m always posting stuff like the lamzac hangout chair or… 80 more words

It’s A Girl

How lucky am I to be an aunt again?! My sister just had her first baby and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. So to honor the newest addition to the extended family, here are the items I think the baby would be thrilled to have. 65 more words


366 days of gratitude

My 20th birthday coincided with the start of my first year flatting and my parents gave me a bean bag.

They were fashionable at the time, as were fondue pots and pottery mugs which other people gave me. 96 more words


Mini bean bag iPad stand

After reading the rainbow junkie post last week, I had to make a iPad stand for my iPad so I could watch it when crocheting in bed ! 92 more words


Friday Favourites: 13

I keep seeing “Friday Favourites: 13” and thinking that it’s Friday the 13th, which I love. Now I’m just disappointed that it isn’t. Guess I’ll just wish you all a Happy Friday the 10th. 148 more words

Lonely Little Lovesac®

This morning I was walking Miles, my sweet little puppy, and we came across a Lovesac! Funny name, right?! Haha… Laura was like… “Lovesac?… Is that like a sex toy or something?…” It’s not in case you’re wondering. 270 more words