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Phở Gà (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup) using my homegrown Bean Sprouts

The best part of growing your own sprouts is the day you harvest.  There are a number of family favorite recipes where I can use my bean sprout harvest but I decided to make hubby’s favorite comfort soup, Chicken Phở. 306 more words


Quinoa Sushi

Sushi. It’s taking over our world! Personally, I love it. But… the store bought stuff is almost always high in fat, processed ingredients and salt. So what I LOVE to do is make my own! 623 more words


The Nourish Bowl.

It is all about food love here. Enter the deliciously simple rice bowl. I know you want to stick your face in there. I sure did. 218 more words

Alfalfa Sprouts

Heirloom Tomato Baby Kale Salad

I have found the secret to ultimate happiness!! I have discovered if I go into grocery stores late in the evening, they will reduce the price on all the produce you slobber over and can’t afford during the day. 147 more words

Vegetarian.Vegan Delicious Recipes

Thean Chun @ Ipoh Perak

When I’m visiting Ipoh, there’s one place I look forward to heading to for lunch, and that’s Thean Chun in Old Town. 688 more words


Thai Cafe 1041 Broad Ripple Avenue.

There is something about rainy weather that makes Thai food compelling. Pat and I decided on Thai,again. Indy has a few Thai style restaurants available. For this occasion we decided on one in the “Village”. 529 more words