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I’m Going Sprout- Part 3

It is day three of my adventure in bean sprouting. So far the beans have been soaked and left in the dark with occasional rinsing/draining. So, what exactly am I waiting for? 186 more words


Pregnancy Month 5 - Nesting

Weeks 18-21

By 18 weeks I was looking like I was carrying twins. At least. OR that I was already 8 months pregnant. Everyone kept telling me how big I was (all in the front I will add to clarify) and trust me, I felt it. 312 more words


I’m Going Sprout: Part 1

I’m impatient. This year I am impatient for spring, but I am impatient generally. The down side of gardening is, however, that few things happen quickly. 162 more words


White Bean, Kale and Sausage Soup

This is a winner! I recently had a sausage soup with kale and potatoes so I tried it myself with white beans in place of the potato. 315 more words

The Wonderful Thing About Peaberry

What is a peaberry?

A peaberry is when a coffee plant cherry produces one bean instead of two. This means the plant spends twice the amount of energy to produce this single small bean, giving it more vibrant flavor. 53 more words