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Chemo Caps for Women

Good morning! I have been super busy with crocheting the past week. In the past I made loom knit chemo caps and donated them. I made two for a friend who was battling cancer. 226 more words

Beanie Time!

Winter is here! And the best thing about that is warm, snuggly clothes and super comfy beanies. Made from soft, thick wool of course!

I love using chunky wool for these beanies. 522 more words


Springtime Beanie- Free Pattern

Still using up my leftover’s, I made this hat following the pattern I created for the You Are My Sunshine Infants Hat Pattern. There are a few differences, however.   965 more words


Amanda Bryant reblogged this on Crochet On The Brain and commented:

I'm afraid I'm a little bit behind this week, as I haven't gotten a chance to post my WIP Wednesday yet (not sure if I will, truth be told), but I can at least re-blog this pattern from January 2016. In some parts of the world it's still cool enough for a springtime hat? I know that here in Albuquerque it's more like summer. The socks have come off and the sandals are out of the closet ☀️😁 I've been thinking about revising this pattern, but for now I'm just working through my yarn stash, before I buy more! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Stay cool! ~Amanda~

H is for... HAT

My oldest friends will know that I used to never really go anywhere without my hat. It was a comfort for me but it perhaps got to the point where it became less of a fashion accessory and more of a security blanket; I wouldn’t go anywhere without it and when I did I felt strange… almost naked. 283 more words


My Beanie Baby

Have I ever written about Beanie? I don’t think so? And I don’t even think I’ve ever put her photos on the web site??

Beanie is our French Bulldog. 449 more words

Golden Tails

My girl can read!

Dear Beanie,

Last night, we took a switch in roles. Normally I read you a story book, but last night you read to me!

And it wasn’t like your normal reading where you recite the books I read to you because you know it all by heart (you have an amazing memory like that), but it was legit reading. 56 more words


Drink suggestions for sweater lovers

Hello to everyone I’m proud to suggest hot drinks for the summer… do you think isn’t right idea? For devoted sweaters lover like me, hot drink help to feel my body more warm and encouraging the perspiration. 174 more words