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Baked scarlet runner beans.

In Maine, there are bean suppers (I wanted badly to type ‘suppahs’…) on Saturday nights. With a bit of planning, you can find a bean supper to sample most weeks of the year. 968 more words


Snow, Sun and Fun – February Vacation & Sausages with White Beans

When I was seven, my sister, Brenda, and I took up skiing. It was Brenda’s idea or maybe my father’s. In any case, we both received shiny, new skis for Christmas. 1,129 more words


Lentil, Carrot & Fennel Salad

Lately my kitchen time has been dedicated mostly to feeding us and a lot less to the process of creation and development for this space. I’ve been focused on simple meals and recipes made from easy go to pantry staples that come together quickly to form something enjoyable and nourishing. 616 more words


Resolved & Dhal (Lentils) with Roasted Cauliflower

Alright then, here we are in 2016. The last twelve months just flew by. The dawning of the new year means it is time to come up with some resolutions. 999 more words


black bean soup

black bean soup
serves 6

1 pound dried black beans
6 cups water
4 cups vegetable stock
1/4 cup olive oil
1 small red onion, chopped… 196 more words


Tahini Apple Butter Blondies

It’s a sunny autumn day here in Milan and the rays are filling our apartment with warmth and radiance.  The air is crisp and fresh and it seems to be universal laundry day in my building as many of our neighbours have their loads hanging out to dry, a habit which I have found difficult to pick up, due to my germaphobe nature perhaps, prefering to hang mine indoors and away from the dust. 1,136 more words


Lebanese Lentil & Chard Soup

Lately it feels like the gods of lighting are working against me. I can’t count the number of recipes I’ve tried to shoot which failed miserably…completely discouraging. 612 more words