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Dennis, the Genetic Engineer

Some people might criticize this coming graphic novel for being too pointed. The plot is, after all, an overview of genetically modified organisms gone awry. 371 more words


Let's Meet Jim Norman

Jim Norman is one of my leading characters in my upcoming graphic novel, Beanstalk. Here we see him in one of his rare moments. 375 more words


Graphic Novel

Alright Gang!

I’ve started my Eco Sci Fi graphic novel, Beanstalk. I was going to wait until I had completed a full issue to post it on wordpress, but I’m much to excited for that! 185 more words


Richmond's Panto placed number one for The Telegraph

The Georgian Theatre Royal’s production of Jack and the Beanstalk has seen it placed top of a national top ten panto breaks in The Telegraph. 102 more words


Trope-a-Day: Space Elevator

Space Elevator: A standard fixture on most moderately developed planets – while shuttles and lighters can make easy ground-orbit transfers in any direction, and ground-based mass drivers can shift arbitrary amounts of mass upwards and downwards quickly, once a world’s passenger and freight volumes increase to the point that it’s taking commuter traffic, passenger liners and grapeship megahaulers, you need something that can handle multiple continuous streams of traffic in both directions.  82 more words


Jack and the giant job market

The year is 2015. Jack cannot grow a beanstalk because of the drought in California. Jack cannot take care of a cow for the same reason. 28 more words

Flash Fiction

Beanstalk to Nimbus Land [Second Glimpse]

This time’s beanstalk climb takes us just a bit higher and further than a “typical” climb because this preview actually involves 3 games, as today’s subject is part of an insanely addictive and all around awesome series known as the Zero Escape trilogy. 1,602 more words