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Applying for the 3rd series of Bear Grylls' The Island

Im definitely applying for the 3rd series of Bear Grylls’ The Island. I applied for the last series but I had other adventures planned that meant I couldn’t carry on the application. 36 more words


Do you want to apply to be on The Island with Bear Grylls?

Do you think you have what it takes to survive on The Island? Ever wonder what would happen if you were stranded on a desert island? 113 more words


Bear Grylls' The Island

I absolutely love this series. There, I said it. I know it’s not intellectual or edgy to like reality programmes but this is a series like no other. 639 more words

Bear Grylls

The Secret to Treading Quicksand

In a word: DON’T!

It’s not a good idea and it doesn’t work. Yes, I speak from experience.

My brief attempt at treading quicksand happened during my doodlebugging days. 794 more words


The Island Sneak Peek: 'My Greatest Survival Skill Is Probably Google'

Ready to kick off most hellacious month of your life on Memorial Day? Actually, that doesn’t sound like much fun.

NBC’s The Island, on the other hand, promises a look at the “most hellacious month” in the lives of 14 dudes seeking long walks on the beach, access to their revoked “man cards” and the chance to prove “what the modern American man is made of.” Yep, that sounds a lot more promising. 134 more words


Bear Grylls' Vending Machine Sustenance Survival Guide

Note: This is Bear Grylls’ fan fiction. Please don’t sue us Discovery Channel.

If you’ve ever worked late or been drunk at a hotel, your best bet for dinner and drunk food respectively has been a vending machine. 615 more words

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