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I Have My Gripes With This Woman Who Was Stranded At The Grand Canyon For 5 Days.

On some levels I can identify with this girl. I too am a guy that enjoys the outdoors to a degree. Love hiking mountains and taking in the views and the fresh air. 1,112 more words

Blend Grylls

Kieran – “Look, Bear Grylls has a diet book out.”

Me – “Is it a diet book because it involves me climbing a tree, beating my dinner to death with a stick and then only eating half of it? 52 more words


L.B. Wilson

It’s been a while since Silly Point caught up with L.B. Wilson and I’m delighted to say that Leonard Bartholomew’s been on an adventure today! 115 more words


Bear Grylls Vs Sarpa Dosha

I’m sure by now everybody knows who Bear Grylls is or at least stumbled upon watching his Man Vs Wild survival series. I’ve been a huge fan of his series from the time it was aired on television for I would always be amazed watching him jump off a cliff, swim bare in ice cold water, get stung by bees, desert journeys and you name it, I’ve watched him with great admiration. 732 more words

Devious Minds Thoughts



His name is Cobra, and he has been working with the excellent, high end travel outfit in the Kalahari, … 1,383 more words


Survival is not about being fearless. It’s about making a decision, getting on and doing it, because I want to see my kids again, or whatever the reason might be. 

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Real Vegan

Poor tofu, wandered away from the pack.

If you have been following this blog you know that it has been a while since I last made a comic. 79 more words