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Desert Island Daydreams

The desert island is a very powerful image: a romantic motif regularly returned to in fiction, movies, and now under the leadership of Bear Grylls, in reality TV shows, too. 399 more words


Bug Fix- 1.06 - Okay?Risk?Take it then.

Look around you.How many people do you think are settling? Probably a hell of a lot. People tend to settle in okay relationships, okay jobs, okay friends and an okay life. 436 more words

Man vs. Soup

She caught eyes with him and he motioned for her to come over. She had been looking at him on and off for the past few minutes trying to figure out where she had seen him before. 547 more words


You're such a Bear Grylls wannabe

Every now and then friends, work colleagues and even members of my family question me ” why do I do Scouting?”, you don’t get paid for scouting so why would you spend all your free time and not get a single penny for giving up that precious time, the Young people’s Parents see you as a free child care evening or weekend when you go camping… all these points are valid and at times true. 422 more words


Don't go in the woods, eh?

What: “Man Vs.”

Where Seen: Netflix

100 word review:

What if they remade “Predator” and Arnie just talked to a hand-held camera for 75 minutes? 88 more words


5 Near-Death Experiences From Bear Grylls’ Life That Prove It’s A Miracle

You remember the crazy British adventurer from Man vs Wild who’s swallowed everything from desert spiders to his own pee, climbed rock chutes without a harness, put himself in the middle of insurmountable conditions with the least number of resources, and then showed you how he somehow can survive it all. 943 more words

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