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#Bear Call Spread
SVXY Apr 07 120/130 calls sold for $7.05 – 2 weeks out

wear the bear

Bear your sole. Make your own tracks. Wear the bear.

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Thailand's elephants bear brunt of tourism

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

BANGKOK –¬†Polo players from around the world recently competed in a match on the riverbanks of Bangkok, except that instead of horses, they were riding elephants. 688 more words

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One bear, two kids, one Happy-Meal

So, this one time camping in California, a black bear decided to have dinner 27 foot steps from our tents.

According to Travel Yosemite close to 300 to 500 black bears live in Yosemite National Park and Kyle and I got lucky twice during our four-day stay in Yosemite. 411 more words


Just to see

Bear now accompanies me to work on random days. Always on his vet appointment days. And usually one other day of the week – typically Tuesday. 45 more words

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