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Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXXVI

I thought I saw Luton bringing some rain along the Nazi ghosts

He got it from my cousin match

Paper mullet it’s Jimmy

He’s not to be real, the coconut snow cunt… 477 more words



Reading: Matthew 3: 5-12

John challenges the Pharisees and Sadducees who come out to see just what is going on in the desert. He welcomes them with, “You brood of vipers!”. 282 more words


My legs have never look so ugly in my entire life… Well, maybe when I used to figure skate in middle school but I was not paying attention to what my legs looked like then. 14 more words

Violet Kim

Hair Videos - Taste and see the difference with the gummy bear hair vitami...

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1999- Creepypasta Art (Photo progress shuffle)

Untitled. 1999. Alex Snow 2016.

16 photos total. Photos ranging from starting point to finishing point of piece.

Based off of 1999 Creepypasta- 1999 via Creepypastawikia

Weird-Crazy-Perhaps Scary

My top pet DIYs

Hi!  Your probably are thinking “Is she sick?!  This is her second post today”!  No, I’m not sick. :P  I just want to post more on here now!  143 more words