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After 24 months of unrestricted beard growing it is still the beginning of the journey...

That may seem a ridiculous statement but bear with me as I attempt to clarify. Twenty four months ago, sporting a freshly shaved head and face, I made the decision to never cut any hair growing anywhere on my body. 1,169 more words

Beard Journey

18 Month Beard and Hair Growth update

Today makes one and a half years of no shaving, trimming, cutting, or plucking any hair that grows on my body. Nothing major to report these last six months, just a continued acclimation and subtle length increases. 425 more words

Beard Journey

Eleven Month Beard, plus Beard Protection Tip 1 and Tip 2

Here is my almost eleven month beard in a demo of how to use a T shirt and elastic headband to protect your hair and beard. 88 more words

Beard Journey

Ten Months with a Quack Quack here and a Quack Quack there...

Phil Robertson, an intelligent, athletic, Louisiana man of faith, former commercial fisherman, founder of Duck Commander, star of Duck Dynasty, who is aligned with the Christian fathers of the United States of America, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others, created a better duck call and sold them to hunters while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. 187 more words

Beard Journey

Nine Months is Neptune, King of the Sea Beards

Today is nine months of hair growth without any trimming. The theme is King Neptune. Since I do not live by the ocean I could not get the shot I would have imagined there hence the blue tint. 41 more words

Beard Journey

Eight months of bearding turned me into a Gnome

After eight months of no shaving, cutting or trimming one begins to realize they just may have a beard. Gnome doubt about it.

While it is common for most humans to notice my beard the surprise for me was how the animals at the zoo responded. 39 more words

Beard Journey