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The Detroit Tigers And Their Offensive Woes

On Tuesday morning, Ryan Ermani and Rico Beard talked about the three game losing streak the Detroit Tigers are currently having.  The Tigers offense has not been up to par, but the starting pitchers aren’t doing anything spectacular either. – Listen at DetroitSports1051.com


Beards are back…. and bigger and bushier is better.

Incase you haven’t noticed the ‘bushranger beard’ seems to be everywhere these days. Bearded men the fill hipster bars of the Inner West and Surry Hills, all looking terribly cool and probably discussing abstract literature or philosophy over a cider. 90 more words


Young Man with Bushy Beard

One of my students had told me of a website that had great photo references for faces – Portraits for Drawing. It’s from there that I painted this portrait. 80 more words