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Inktober 2017 Day 24. The Tight Rope Walker

Here is the bearded lady casually walking across a tight rope, several feet from the circus floor!



It is said that a man can command a room with his facial hair. Because of men like Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, and Borat, history has been peppered with an eclectic mix of glorious beards and ‘staches. 795 more words


Hair be damned. 🖕🖕🏽🖕🏿

Ya know… Hair is a mystery to me. It can be thick, thin, long, course, wirey. All of which, I loathe. I’ve only just accepted my leg hair and armpit hair. 197 more words


Me. Bearded and all.

I never really fit in. I only had 1 best friend in school and out of school I had my cousin’s… I was always the fat kid with the curly hair and the glasses. 239 more words


1955: Shrewsbury's Bearded Lady

Woman’s whiskers lovingly crafted in Shrewsbury.

“The fearsome-looking Ben Gunn in “Treasure Island,” recently produced at Shrewsbury repertory, is Glenna Wilson, a 27-year-old Southend girl, who is a partner in the theatre. 83 more words


I'm hairy. But not scary.

PCOS is a bitch. For anyone that has is knows what I’m talking about. It’s not just the irregular periods, cysts, or hair loss.
It’s also the hair growth… The hair growth that isn’t just in the areas it’s supposed to be on a woman. 75 more words