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Thinking Out Loud

I’m thinking out loud here, trying to puzzle out my feelings on a somewhat complex subject for me, so bear with me please.

As some of you may know, last year I participated in… 801 more words


Wonderful English Eccentrics


There are few sights I find more amusing than clocking an English eccentric.

Whilst I appreciate eccentrics are produced by almost all nations, it is the country of England which, over hundreds of years, has excelled in churning out eccentric men and women, who, like Christmas baubles, catch those few rays of sunshine even on the greyest of grey winter’s days. 561 more words


Under the Feet of a Woman

Today, I have not one, but two female saints to tell you about. There is absolutely no evidence that either of them existed, but let’s not let that get in the way of a good story. 949 more words

Brilliant Europeans


So I finished it today. I know there is not a lot of change, so to make up for that, here is a beautiful video (klick here) 13 more words



I know it’s not quite finished yet, but I couldn’t wait. Also I though maybe the process is interesting as well?
This time it’s a real person, it’s @harnaamkaur . 30 more words


An unkempt hair from a bushy tail

A reader of the posts on the hairy-women scale and Life of Brian, sent me another example of the horrors of hair. Or rather, of the horrors of people’s imagination around hair. 440 more words