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Interview with @bald_andbearded

We had the pleasure of interviewing @bald_andbearded on Instagram. I’m of the philosophy that every beardy has some good advice and I’d like to share the knowledge with my readers. 183 more words


Interview with @kk95000 on Instagram

I reached out to one of the beardy bros I follow on Instagram to see if he’d be willing to do a short interview.

I would like to do more of these in the future. 165 more words


Bearded Dragon Diets

Bearded Dragons are fascinating creatures, for they make good pets with unique personalities. Bearded Dragons are also low key maticance and do not need feed everyday. 268 more words

Thursday Like Tuesday

As the siren graces the insides of my hearing

As I welcome the sun’s rays though I am unwilling

Yet the idea of you meddles in my head that’s aching… 209 more words

Bignose Beardy Early Doors and Boars Head

Bignose Beardy? Whch cheeky git gave me this? Oh, it’s ciders from Mother Kelly’s Bottle Shop? Let’s get on it then!

I read that the real… 246 more words