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Guard Your Heart?

The modern advice to “guard your heart” is often used outside of the original Biblical context, even in the area of romance. What does it really mean? 919 more words


Active Involvement In Our Maturity In Christ...

When we read Acts 6:1-7, two of the questions we should ask the LORD are:

“How did Stephen get to the point where He was so full of wisdom & faith in You? 495 more words


Bearing Fruit?

Those of us who have known God for a long time can get a sense of security. We’re doing good. We aren’t struggling with the sins that many of our peers struggle with. 543 more words

What's on Your Radar for 2018?

Happy New Year! It’s 2018, and I can’t say I have a detailed vision from the Lord for the year—assuming anyone can have such clarity. 215 more words


Bearing Fruit For The New Year

In what could be described as frustration, I was going back and forth with God, sharing my thoughts and concerns with him about not moving forward as quickly as I wanted. 440 more words

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Take That Bold Step - Don't Be A Fig Tree!

I’m generally a shy person – which I know some of you have a hard time believing.  But when I’m in a large group of people, I’d much rather take up my position on the back wall and watch things, rather than walk around mingling. 668 more words

Trusting God

I Am the True Vine

As we get to the final one of the “seven I Am statements” from the Gospel of John, we come to another very familiar idea, that of Jesus being the Vine and His disciples or followers the branches. 372 more words