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Do You Really Want To Bother with My Valuables?

One thing is sure, if you have something valuable and someone finds this out, there is a great chance that when you get rid of it as superfluous junk, this person will be around to kind of scoot it away somewhere to sell at a profit. 189 more words

Bearing Witness

Bearing Witness to a World in Suffering from a Distance. 404

The other day there was a discussion about the current world situation, and in particular about nations like Zimbabwe collapsing, and the internet being shut down. 2,256 more words

Vixen's Journey To Life

See-to-Believe... or, Do-To-Believe?

But there are some of you that believe not. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who should betray him.

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Kingdom Of God

Screaming From the Margins

Be brave during these difficult and trying times. Speak from your heart and your lives. Speak for your lives and the lives of our sisters, our brothers, and all our nonbinary siblings, everyone screaming from the margins! 616 more words


Journalism -- Shinning a Light, Sharing Stories

When we think of article 26 and the right to education we immediately picture young children and particularly women in developing nations struggling to attend school amidst war, crime, political instability, and social discrimination. 1,058 more words

Human Rights

A Tale of 2 Grandmothers (Part 2 - Edna Baker)

This post is a part of a two part blogging series that talks about both my grandmothers’ migration from rural communities to Baltimore city. I explore their experiences living in their birth communities and what may have been the impetus behind their moving to Baltimore, where they subsequently married and had children, including my parents. 535 more words

Bearing Witness To Our Stories