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Save One Life.....Save the World!

VICTORY: They say…. if you’ve saved one life, you’ve saved the world. Watch as a chicken is rescued and saved from death by California demonstrators who advocate a plant-based diet.  61 more words


Quote of the Day

While reading Bearing Witness: Reading, Writers, and the Novel in Nigeria by Wendy Griswold, I came across this awesome sentence that she says the famous (and late) American anthropologist Clifford Geertz also made a strong case for: 40 more words


Bearing Witness

For twelve years I was an attendee of the local San Diego Society of Friends, more commonly referred to as the Quakers. Bearing Witness is an important part of their belief and practice. 793 more words


Bearing Witness

Bearing Witness

Pen on paper,
words falling like tears,
salt waters that erode
the hardest of stones.

This man bears witness
to thought, word, and deed. 64 more words


I saw it.

I saw it.

I saw it.

I saw it happen.

Clothes being ripped,

Life being gripped,

And breathe being nipped.

But I pretend that

I saw an empty street instead.

Who is watching?

Reflections of my insides have

surfaced on the screen

can you see?

They say they are watching

watching me.

watching me from the lenses

of their own encrusted filth… 39 more words

It’s been ages since I thought there was any point in writing about polity among the Unitarian Universalists. Nor does my return to the topic, at this cataclysmic moment, indicate either a sense of hope, or much interest. 1,072 more words