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Bearing Witness - Art that Hurts, Art that Heals

So much of art-making is bearing witness–to things we love, to things that wound. And often they are the same things: The beauty that breaks your heart. 503 more words


Never A Holiday For Farmed Animals

Nothing to celebrate and no happy holidays for cows going to slaughter in the freezing cold. Portland Animal Save #JaneUnChained


Midnight Song And Poetry In Alley Behind Chicken Slaughterhouse

Activists from Chicago and the surrounding area (including Wisconsin!) gathered for a midnight vigil in the alley behind a slaughterhouse on a weeknight to honor the hundreds of petrified chickens unloaded by trucks to their deaths to send a message of peace and justice for animals: “Let them live.” There was song, poetry, and speeches, including a moving talk by  75 more words

Considering Graceful Witness

What does evangelism have to do with grace? Obviously we want the other person to receive God’s grace in Jesus Christ. But why do we want this? 938 more words

Memoirs of childhood abuse

An alert: A friend who read the review has let me know that she found my review so disturbing that she was having images, and cannot read the book as it stirs up her own traumatic memories. 733 more words

Bearing Witness at a Slaughterhouse with Lisa Bloom, Braden Pollock, Moby and Marc Ching

#JaneUnChained LIVE at a pig slaughterhouse near downtown Los Angeles, California with TV pundit and civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom, her husband, Braden Pollock, extraordinary musician, … 235 more words