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EURUSD: On the road to 2015 low

Since the start of the year the currency lost in excess of 3.5% and last week fell more than 2.0% plus is in a well-established bearish phase since the early October. 80 more words


NASDAQ 100: Bearish engulfing pattern at 2016 high

Since the beginning of the year the index gained more than 4.5% but last week lost more than 1.0% and also made a phase change, shifting from a bullish to a warning phase. 99 more words


Engulfing patterns

An engulfing candle stick pattern can be either be a bullish or bearish reversal pattern. The pattern is confirmed when a candle stick has ended with the main bodiesĀ openĀ and closing price is above and below the previous candles open and close price. 67 more words


NASDAQ 100: Bearish engulfing pattern

Since the beginning of the year the index fell more than 12.5% and last week plunged more than 5.5%.

The NASDAQ 100 is in a bearish phase since the beginning of February after the death cross in addition continues to close below the 10 and 50-week moving averages. 80 more words