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Beauty and the Beast

It’s the modern-day live action retelling of one of my favourite childhood tales, featuring one of my favourite actors as the wonderful Belle herself, but did it live up to expectation? 406 more words


Love and freedom

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

In the latest Disney blockbuster ‘Beauty and the Beast’, we glean unique insights into what it really means to love. 450 more words


Beauty And The Beast review

Watching a musical in the theater is an enchanting experience. With a touch of Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone’s tone and a good music to back them, beauty and the beast is a delight to witness. 658 more words


Beauty And The Beast (2017) - Movie Review 

It’s been years since I’ve watched a Disney film that wasn’t Pixar. I wasn’t really expecting to ever watch the Beauty And The Beast remake. Now, I’m really glad I did watch it! 318 more words


Nian (Part 7)

The season of reaping had fallen in a heartbeat, the villagers were living their trite life, never breaking apart from the banality. They took my brother’s words lightly, and the time had come, the roar of the hare-like beast and the clamour of calls emitted from another beast- a dragon-horse beast as my brother had described to me, reverberated the village, paroxysms of fear fell upon the villagers, my brother and I were prepared, armed to the teeth, to declare victory upon the beasts. 446 more words


In Defense of Gaston

In light of the recent buzz of the “Beauty and the Beast” live action remake that’s on our doorstep, a thought that’s been swirling around in my head for years emerged in a concrete way. 1,131 more words