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Walking Blindly Into the Jaws of the Ultra Beast

Weeks before I ran last year’s World’s Toughest Mudder, I had already completed multiple planning sheets detailing gear, nutrition and a lap-by-lap game plan.

Fast forward nearly six months: This morning I woke up having a panic attack as I realized that I’m running a Spartan Ultra Beast in less than 48 hours and I have done almost zero planning. 253 more words

Spartan Race

Dark Eras: Part 2

The first time I wrote about historical settings in the Chronicles of Darkness I covered things in the busy 20th century. It makes sense that this century has the highest concentration of settings since it just passed but there’s more fun to be had out there. 2,548 more words

Dark Eras

Beast in Darkness

A Beast - is born
And wanders from his home
Eyes not yet open for him to see
Scared - and alone
In the darkness he roams
Looking for the one that he needs

          He knows something is wrong
          Feels he does not belong
          To the cold, dark world he's living in
          Danger is all around
          He learns to work the ground
          Growing bitter as his heart hardens

Shelter - he seeks
From the harsh reality
To replace the home he has lost
Still he feels the pain
Anger, tears and shame
Burdens that bring a heavy cost

          He knows something is wrong
          For in his heart he longs
          For peace that cannot be found
          He needs to feel love
          And the world is not enough
          Anguished by the curs-ed ground

A child - is born
Sent to bring him home
His eyes now open for him to see
Still scared - not alone
He knows that he belongs
The beast I speak of is me

A beast - is born
And wanders from his home
The beast of humanity 

Hullabaloo Bus (or, 'Today, my bus got stuck behind another bus that had broken down')

There was a wild bus

roaming the skinny streets of Shalfleet,

it wasn’t enjoying its journey

so it decided to rest its wheeled feet.

Unfortunately it trapped its older brother… 44 more words


Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 3: Something about clothes

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Okay, I think I’ve been approaching this series incorrectly. In the first episode, I didn’t want to say that I got the feeling that this series was a lot like… 531 more words


My Ever Longing Desires..

And there is someone you have been waiting for long, like all your life, your ever longing desire, the one you call your love, trust, lust  and then one fine day, you wake realizing everything was a lie. 68 more words

Relationship & Stories


Somewhere between working a 9 to 5 job
And trying to keep my sanity afloat
I came to view my imagination
As more of a wild beast… 99 more words