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Hey guys! This poem is a Shakespearean Sonnet, a poetic form consisting of three quatrains followed by a couplet, forming a total of 14 lines, with each line typically written in iambic pentameter. 205 more words


Movie Review: Beast

Murder mysteries have been done to death. There’s an unknown killer, a sharp or drunk detective, and an area filled with clues and suspects. Although the genre is entertaining, the formula is exhausted. 29 more words

The Forest and the Beast - A Halloween Poem

A fiend, a frog,
An old burned log,
The mist, it rises so…
The Jack’o’Lantern
In the bog,
The soot on frozen snow…

The trees, they crack… 238 more words


Daily Prompt: Bestow (Do It)

Bestow unto me my heart’s desire.

Rekindle the fiercest of passionate fires.

Whip up a storm, blow me away.

Take me alive, take me today. 31 more words


Beast - Review

The dark side of femininity and female anti-heroes have been on our screen since the conception of cinema. From All About Eve and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 462 more words


Two Days Away

Two days away from the place I’d happily stay.

Two days away from a world of dreams and play.

Two days away from my girl and long nights beside the bay. 10 more words


Always Free

Come little miss Beauty,

Come here sit straddling me.

Let yourself go my love,

With me you’re always free.

Cum little miss Beauty,

Cum riding straddling me. 11 more words