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Summer Colour Inspiration!

Summer in Ireland is a fleeting thing! Our unpredictable four-seasons-in-one-day climate means that a balmy evening can turn chilly in a heartbeat, and a day that starts out grey and drizzly can transform into a real scorcher by lunchtime. 328 more words

Knitted Beasties

Summer in the Countryside

It’s been a while since we last caught up with Explorer Beastie… with so many of his Beastie brothers and sisters sending reports of their travels to us, he hasn’t really got a look-in! 234 more words


Face to face with the Nefarious Mr. Nibbles

The day after I came face to face with the Nefarious Mr. Nibbles, the girls discovered his secret hide-away under the shed as he (or she) poked his nibbly little face out of the hole to seek out and destroy new tasty treats.   252 more words

Fruits And Veggie Gardening

A New Kind of Beastie!

Rugby players look normal enough when they’re on the pitch, or standing with other rugby players. It’s only when you see them among the regular, non-rugby-playing public that you realise that they’re often around a foot taller than the rest of us, and built like tanks. 169 more words

Knitted Beasties

Not cool, Mr Nibbles!

We are under attack!  The broccoli has been decimated, the carrot tops reduced to less than a third of their former glory, some of the kale taken down a peg and the new back row veggies and cosmos nibbled to the nubs. 530 more words

Fruits And Veggie Gardening

Mia Beastie in the Mountains!

Hooray! I always love to catch up with Beasties after they’ve left Beastie Towers for their new homes. This week, I’m happy to share some photos of Mia Beastie, taken just after her move to Poland a couple of months ago! 298 more words


Big city side-eye

I remember reading a short story many years ago, written (I think) by Morley Callaghan (most famous for punching Ernest Hemingway’s head), about a professional executioner arriving in a small town hoping to have a “good, neighbourly time” before anyone realizes why he’s there. 851 more words