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Grim Reaper Beastie Gets Away From It All

Hey there everybody!

It’s been a while since I last received word from a globetrotting Beastie, so you can probably imagine how delighted I was when Grim Reaper Beastie got in touch earlier this week! 361 more words


Mapwick and Erstwhile

Mapwick struggled with a bashful nature. His camouflage made it easy for him to freeze and wait for others to pass by without noticing him, but after a while his loneliness got the better of him. 189 more words

Autumn Fun With Explorer Beastie!

Oh, poor Explorer Beastie! We were hoping to get out and about this week, but both the weather and my work schedule were against us… Still, at least we have some great photos from previous years to look back on. 214 more words


She Ain't Scary... She's My Beastie!

Hallowe’en fever continues to ramp up here in Beastie Towers, with the arrival of another spooky Beastie! Look who flew in through the window earlier, giving me the fright of my life – it’s Ghostie Beastie! 186 more words


Flashback Friday - My First Beastie Hallowe'en

As you may have noticed, I’ve been having fun recently putting together a couple of Hallowe’en-themed Beasties. And regular readers will already have met this charming… 340 more words


Hallowe'en Is Coming...

…And this year, I’ve actually had a chance to start getting under way with some seasonal special edition Beasties! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to my first “Famous Monsters” Beastie – Frankenbeastie! 235 more words


Crocodiles, Librarians and Unicorns

Driving with Shannon is always a treat. When she is not fiddling with the radio or air conditioner, she asks truly random questions. Today, for instance, as we were sailing past Milnerton, out of the blue she asked what kind of animal I would be if I were a beastie. 672 more words

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