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Class dismissed

As some of my regular readers may know, I have recently begun raiding again with a new guild — fun/alt HFC(N) runs, but that is a huge step forward from where I have been for the last 9-10 months. 1,128 more words

Warlords Of Draenor

Inbrott på Sportfiskeboden, Täby.

Precis som rubriken lyder så har det varit ännu ett jävla inbrott. Denna gång på Sportfiskeboden i Täby.

Att klåfingriga personer inte kan lära sig mitt och ditt. 191 more words

Archive: Beastmaster and Clawed Fiend

I loved the Clawed Fiend, and it’s giant warped spider-monkey look. The Beastmaster is not bad either.

I got these two guys in metal thankfully; the Clawed Fiend has a very good weight to it. 29 more words


Legion 20810

Just before Legion Alpha goes on holiday break, Blizz came out with a huge list of changes to the latest build, along with a terrific explanation of… 875 more words


FFXI Journal – Entry 12 – Finished SoA! Happy Turkey Day!

Rexis here!

I’ve done it, Final Fantasy peeps. I’ve finished all the mission storylines in the game. It was a struggle getting through Seekers of Adoulin over the weekend, but I did it. 516 more words


FFXI Journal – Entry 11 – Moving Ever Forward

Rexis here!

(Rexish if you’re looking for me on Asura! I get /tells from readers sometimes. Not gonna lie, feels awesome!)

It occurred to me that it has been ages since I’ve done an FFXI journal entry! 1,108 more words


FFXI Journal – Entry 9 – Nearing the End of WotG

Rexis here!

Things have been quiet, peeps. Almost too quiet. At this point, I’ve unequipped my linkshell and I’ve been working diligently through Wings of the Goddess. 779 more words