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Blizzard: /ignore hunters

Ever so slowly, I am coming to terms with the Legion gutting of hunters as a class. This does not mean I like it even the tiniest bit, but I have¬†pretty much accepted that I can either tolerate it and keep playing a hunter — a class I have loved unreservedly since I first set foot in Azeroth — or remain seethingly angry and move on to another class. 1,716 more words


My crystal ball

Last night as we were tidying up some loose ends for guild achievements, our GM remarked that we only have two more Thursday night fun runs before Legion. 1,123 more words

Warlords Of Draenor

5 Characters from the Bible who would have passed as superheroes today

If you haven’t seen one yourself, I’m at least 99% sure that you have definitely heard of some superhero movie from the last five years. 1,499 more words

Peter Fynn

More hunter thoughts

Over the weekend I had a little more chance to play both my MM and BM hunters. My BM hunter is my main, with the 4-piece tier set and ilevel 725. 1,799 more words


Escape Gaming wins the 2nd Wild Card berth

Congratulations to Escape Gaming for securing the 2nd wildcard berth and final spot to TI6. Escape beat Execration 2-0 in the final matchup, with the last game being an absolute stomp with a Huskar, Dazzle, Invoker, Ogre Magi, and Beastmaster that just looked broke. 46 more words


Blizz's new standard: Good enough

We have had a week now with the Legion pre-expansion patch, and people are either beginning to come to grips with what life will be like for their specs come Legion, or they have decided to move on to another spec or another class or another game. 1,515 more words


Well, whaddya think?

Whew! Patch 7.0.3 rolled out yesterday, with surprisingly few glitches, and honestly my main impression so far is: this is a helluva lot of work! Yes, work. 1,566 more words