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Proc you!

A forum post caught my eye yesterday, and without a trace of sarcasm I can say it really tugged at my heart strings. Some poor hunter had been tracking Arcturis, the spirit bear, for years. 1,089 more words


Episode 250: Nerdmalian

This week on The Enginerdy Show: Mr. Pold picks apart the Infinity Wars trailer. St. Jimmy gets super volcanic. D’Viddy mocks Flat Earthers with Elon Musk. 64 more words


Friday scattered thoughts

It’s Friday, it’s been an especially long week, and my brain does not seem particularly focused, so today’s post is just some scattered thoughts on this and that. 1,264 more words


FFXI Journal - Entry 16 - Absolute Virtue

Rexis here!

Well, I did it. I soloed Absolute Virtue.

The hardest part wasn’t even the boss fight itself. It was gathering all of the pop items required. 251 more words


Phone goes boom?

Greetings readers and friends. I’ve once more come back.

So for a couple of weeks I’ve been having phone issues. When a co-worker was having an issue with their phone, we realized we had the same phone. 236 more words

Antorus - Not with a bang, but a whimper

Late Edit: After I published this piece, I realized I used the exact same poetic metaphor Bendak did in his post on hunter tier and trinkets in Antorus.

987 more words

FFXI Journal - Entry 15 - Back in Action

Rexis here!

It’s time to play Final Fantasy XI for free, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Last time I wrote a journal entry was… Oh my god! 301 more words