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In the cold light of day

Yesterday I published a short announcement about the fact that WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, after months and months of silence, finally addressed — in very generic terms — the widespread unhappiness hunters have about our class in Legion. 987 more words


Emerald Nightmare part two

Last night my guild finished up the last three bosses in Emerald Nightmare (Normal). This week was basically a warmup for progression, which we will start next week with Heroic. 1,467 more words


First look at Emerald Nightmare

Last night my guild ventured into Emerald Nightmare (Normal) to kick off our Legion raiding effort. We had a full complement of 30, with a couple of standbys who will get a chance when we run again next week. 1,304 more words



Karroch the Beastmaster is a melee strength hero whose versatility allows him to take on multiple roles. His hawks provide free flying vision and his boars can harass, slow, and stack jungle camps. 934 more words

Dota 2

Nine days of Legion

We are now about a week and a half into Legion, and a few things about the expansion are starting to become clear. Hunter class rage aside, I have been having fun so far, and I think at least for the initial experience the balance scales come down on the positive side for Legion. 1,669 more words


A Beast Mastery hunter's first day in Legion

As planned, I got up around 2AM yesterday for our Eastern Time 3AM Legion launch. By 2:20 I had brewed coffee, toasted an English muffin, and logged in to find a whole lot of guildies already chatting away and having a great time. 1,807 more words

Warlords Of Draenor

Blizzard: /ignore hunters

Ever so slowly, I am coming to terms with the Legion gutting of hunters as a class. This does not mean I like it even the tiniest bit, but I have¬†pretty much accepted that I can either tolerate it and keep playing a hunter — a class I have loved unreservedly since I first set foot in Azeroth — or remain seethingly angry and move on to another class. 1,716 more words