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Blizz's new standard: Good enough

We have had a week now with the Legion pre-expansion patch, and people are either beginning to come to grips with what life will be like for their specs come Legion, or they have decided to move on to another spec or another class or another game. 1,515 more words


Well, whaddya think?

Whew! Patch 7.0.3 rolled out yesterday, with surprisingly few glitches, and honestly my main impression so far is: this is a helluva lot of work! Yes, work. 1,566 more words


The patch is upon us

Well. At last we are truly into it. As you know unless you have been spending the last few weeks in a cave somewhere, the Legion pre-patch goes live with the reset this week, which means Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning in the U.S. 776 more words


A farewell to hunters

Yesterday another hunter I respect, Delirium over at The Thrill of the Wild, threw in the towel on hunters as a class in Legion. He joins a number of excellent hunters who, after months of frustration trying to get Blizz to understand their very real and legitimate concerns about overall hunter play style in Legion, have finally given up and will just try to make the best of it. 793 more words



There is a mini-storm going on in the Legion beta forums right now, regarding a recent and sudden (that is, no warning) change in max camera level permitted in Legion. 970 more words


Leveling strategies for Legion?

The past couple of days I’ve been thinking about how best to go about spending my time for the first couple of months in Legion. Clearly, there is no “one size fits all”, but I think I’ve isolated a few factors to consider. 917 more words


MM Top 5: Almost-were fantasy franchises

Ha! I bet you were all thinking “Oh no, another top five from Rob, this is just going to be about video games again.” Well, bite me! 1,114 more words