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Hunters don't fit in Blizzard's mindset

Blizz announced a couple of days ago that Patch 7.3 will bring some fancy new caster visuals for some caster classes/specs. Um, sure, whatever. I suppose it is nice that they are continuing to improve the game’s visual experience. 876 more words


A plea to Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas

WARNING: Entering rant zone. Please drive carefully.

Okay. Today’s rant topic is one I have covered before, but last night it just hit a tipping point for me.

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5 Movie Remakes That We Need

by Jason Koenigsberg

Alright so we went over the best remakes and the most unnecessary remakes. But what about remakes of movies that have not happened yet that we could really benefit from? 1,850 more words


Scattered thoughts on Friday's dev AMA

After a very decent weekend, my head is not yet back into work mode, so all I can offer today is a bunch of scattered and unconnected thoughts. 761 more words


Beastmaster Dota 2

Beastmaster is melee strength hero with dual axes for his weapon. As his name he can summon 2 animal with his 2nd skills there is boar and hawk. 396 more words

Of mounts and imagination

Well, I got my hunter class mount last night. It is definitely cool, and I say this as someone who normally does not give a hoot about mounts — mostly I just think of them as transportation. 1,321 more words


Legendaries -- first aid for class balance?

Admin note: This post contains quite a few references to specific Beastmastery hunter talents. I have thrown in some Wowhead links, but if you want a more comprehensive picture of the talent table, check out…

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