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A.A.Rant: Ghost in the Shell may be our last chance at getting great film adaptations of Japanese works

I was elated. It was the summer of ’09, I was back home from college, and I had just got the best news an anime nerd has ever gotten: the rumored Cowboy Bebop film had been confirmed. 904 more words


Ghost in the Shell anime actors return to record live-action film's Japanese dub

Happy as we may or may not be with the casting of the live-action Ghost in the Shell, the film’s Japanese dub will at least feature some welcome voices. 394 more words


Laughing Man unmasks for latest Ghost in the Shell live-action trailer

A new, extended Ghost in the Shell trailer has arrived, with more gun-blasting and glass-smashing action, more bright lights of the big city, and more Beat Takeshi as Section 9 Chief Aramaki. 194 more words


Can Ghost in the Shell Work in Live-Action?

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The Continuity of Physicality: A Distillation of Cause-and-effect in Takeshi Kitano's Violent Cop

Violent Cop’s (1989) concern with physicality manifests itself through multifarious aspects. Not only are we made aware of the bodily through its emphasis within the established narrative film paradigm (causal relations/ spatiality/ temporality… 2,744 more words


Review: Films Inspired By Japan – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983)

It may be lacking in plot and have some fairly average acting at best but there’s something alluring about this WWII film which goes way beyond the beautifully, haunting self-titled theme song. 564 more words

Review: Films Inspired By Japan

Hana-Bi (Fireworks) Film Review

What Takeshi Kitano proved in the 1997 Japanese film Hana-Bi (Fireworks in English) is that he is able to present people’s desperate need to find elegant, heart-warming beauty, once their worldview has turned bleak and pessimistic. 1,145 more words