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My Street Japan. Day 14.

My street is not a hive of bright lights and a constant stream of advertising. I think it was, at one time, but those days have passed. 241 more words


Yakuza 6 to feature baddest Yakuza film dude of all time: Japanese actor Beat Takeshi 【Video】

Japanese actor and director “Beat” Takeshi Kitano is an instantly recognisable face over here in Japan, but westerners might be more familiar with him in his role as sadistic homeroom teacher Kitano in… 455 more words


How I Got Into....Takeshi Kitano (Blaugust Day 28)

Watching the BBC’s film programme, Film 2003, there was a review of the new Tom Cruise movie, The Last Samurai. The reviewer was Jonathan Ross, and he was lukewarm about the film. 661 more words


KITANO TAKESHI - the Samurai Himself

I would say that Kitano Takeshi wasn’t my cup of green tea.

But that would be racist.

I was first introduced to him through his ultra-famous (and… 486 more words

Japanese Pop Culture

Shaun vs. Battle Royale (2000)

Directed by Kinji Fukasaku

Starring Beat Takeshi, Tatsuya Fujiwara and Taro Yamamoto

In a future Japan, the country has become overcrowded so the government passes the “Battle Royale” law, which takes classes of children from middle schools (junior highs) and puts them on a small island to fight to the death.  804 more words


25 Essential Martial Arts Films, Ranked

The martial arts movie is an art unto itself, and whether it’s gloriously cheesy 1970s Hong Kong late-night cult favorites or big-budget post-millennial epics, there’s an enduring appeal to watching an apparently hopelessly overmatched hero use his or her crazy skills to hand a horde of villains’ asses to them. 2,088 more words


Don't want to pay your NHK TV licence fee? Beat Takeshi doesn't think you should have to

In Japan, it’s mandatory to pay for a TV licence if you own a television set or device that can receive a broadcast signal. The money goes to NHK, Japan’s national broadcasting service. 746 more words