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Codfish's Rise to Internet Fame

Happy Easter everyone. It’s really fitting how I’m making a post about the OG Bahnie himself, Codfish. The winner of GBBB 2018, 2017 Australian Champ, Sydney Royale Champ and some other accolades to his name. 929 more words

The Newest Kids On The Beatboxing Block: Introducing Beatbox Hangout

THE REVAMP IS HERE! BAC is no more and we now bring you the brand spanking new, Beatbox Hangout. It’s still the same staff as before with BAC but we’re under a new name, a couple more staff and a brand spanking new Amino as well as a Discord server that has been reworked into what it is RIGHT NOW! 45 more words

Does Stage Presence Matter?

Stage presence. One of the most important things when it comes to battling. It’s how you portray yourself to your opponent and to the crowd. It gives you as the battler, a lot of confidence to work with but does it really matter? 1,087 more words

Bigman's Rise to Internet Fame

Looking back on 2017, there’s one name that stands out a lot, not only in the beatboxing community but in the general public. Going into 2018, he’s going to be a force at GBBB 2018 and a favourite to win. 1,232 more words

How To Improve As A Beatboxer

A lot of people in my Discord server ask me this question. “How do I improve?” I figured since a lot of people have asked me this, I may as well make a post on it answering “most” questions on the topic. 625 more words

Beatboxing In A Drama Setting

First off, I have to say, Happy New Year to all of you. I started this as an assignment but I had a lot of success with it so I continued. 550 more words

Berkreasi dengan Musik Mulut (Beatbox)

Beatbox merupakan sebuah seni musik yang dimainkan secara berirama dengan nada yang beragam mulai dari berbagai suara alat musik, instrumen, ataupun tiruan suara lainnya dengan menggunakan alat ucap manusia yaitu mulut, lidah, bibir, dan berbagai sumber suara dari tubuh manusia itu sendiri. 280 more words

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