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Why KRNFX Won Against D-low

If you look in the comments of KRNFX vs. D-low at the World Beatbox Championships 2015, you would find a lot of comments that said that D-low should have won the battle. 673 more words

This Is Me 2

It’s time for some more question and answer time. Let’s go.

Q: Who do you look up to as a beatboxer?

A: I honestly look up to everybody that’s better than me. 288 more words

Shoutout to You 1

I figured that this would be a good opportunity for shoutouts to people that I believe deserve it. If you would like a shoutout, show me your content/whatever you want to show me and I will work out something for it if I approve it. 178 more words

BG Beats


Name: Yubraj Gurung

Location: Chitwan

Stage Name: BG Beats

Yubraj Gurung a.k.a BG Beats was introduced to beatbox by his brother, after being introduced to beatbox BG beats started 104 more words

Nepal Can Beatbox


Name: Bibek Shrestha

Location: Jyatha, Kathmandu

Stage Name: Shadow

Bibek Shrestha a.k.a Shadow was introduced to beatbox by one of his local friend 91 more words

Beatbox Nepal Colony

Tips for Hosting Beatboxing Events

I have been an event host on DUBCORD¬†for about week now and I’ve run a few beatboxing events like open mics and 7 To Smokes in the past. 519 more words


Name : Iyoush Tamang

Location : Narayanghat, Chitwan

stage Name: Freezy

Iyoush Tamang a.k.a Freezy was introduced to beatboxing by his cousin when he was in 6th grade, his cousin told him about a guy in YouTube make drum sounds from his mouth, at first he didn’t believed him but later on he saw beatboxing in Ncell program and got interested into beaboxing. 60 more words

Nepal Can Beatbox