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All the Beatbox Discord Servers I'm in

Discord is by far, my most used program. I love all the servers I am a part of and some of you people might want to be with and interact with me. 473 more words

Are you a Grimie KiD!?!

I’m looking for Grimie Kids to get Grimie on this page, Blog about whatever idea sparks your mind about what i should do out in the public as for as trolling people and messing with civilians. 268 more words

Freestyling 2

This is my second freestyle here on my blog page. I apologise that I have been rather inactive for this past week but there will be another post coming out this week. 55 more words

How I Judge a Beatbox Battle

Many different people who are judging a beatbox battle have many different things that they judge. Sometimes, it’s way too much so in this blog, I would like to tell you about how I judge a battle. 381 more words

My Biggest Performance

This moment was by far my biggest performance I had ever done in my 1 year of beatboxing.

December 23, 2016:

It wasn’t just any school day. 419 more words


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One of my hobby is beatboxing. You guys want to know why am I interested with this beatboxing thingy? It is because I really loves to sing but I am not really good with it haha so, I have discovered new way to express my feelings towards music by beatboxing. 131 more words

Check This Out: Explorer of the World - Frances England

Artist: Frances England
Album: Explorer of the World (official store) | iTunes | Amazon
NOTE: Read through for bonus activities for you and your family inspired by this album. 1,143 more words