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Why Jigsaw is One of the Best Beatboxing Routines

In 2015, Gene Shinozaki secured his place in the Grand Beatbox Battle 2015 with his wildcard routine called Jigsaw. This not only secured his place in the tournament but he won the whole thing. 666 more words

Freestyling 3

So for the past month, I really ran out of ideas to make posts on but here’s a new Lost Woods cover I posted on my Instagram. 194 more words

Meet Gene Shinozaki

Gene Shinozaki performs for All Together Now #4 on April 29, 2017 at the Lily Pad at 9pm.

Gene Shinozaki is a professional musician, performing artist, and Beatboxer who resides in Brooklyn NY. 106 more words


My Predictions For The GNB 2017

With GNB 2017 Submissions already in, I wanted to try to and make predictions for the solo submissions on who might place on top and who is left at the bottom. 312 more words

All the Beatbox Discord Servers I'm in

Discord is by far, my most used program. I love all the servers I am a part of and some of you people might want to be with and interact with me. 473 more words

Are you a Grimie KiD!?!

I’m looking for Grimie Kids to get Grimie on this page, Blog about whatever idea sparks your mind about what i should do out in the public as for as trolling people and messing with civilians. 268 more words

Freestyling 2

This is my second freestyle here on my blog page. I apologise that I have been rather inactive for this past week but there will be another post coming out this week. 55 more words