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Cannabis oil ‘cured’ my Stage IV cancer, says Hollywood stuntman

One of this site’s earliest commenters, Tina, had to drop out of commenting because she was diagnosed with cancer. Thus, any information that might provide even one person with a lead to a cure for his cancer is going to be posted here. 271 more words

Sarcoma update

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted any updates on Tony’s health. The truth is, that he’s felt relatively good on the Xalkori. He hasn’t had any pain, has felt strong, and has kept his hair (though it hasn’t grown back in the same as it was before he started chemo). 140 more words

Beating Cancer


Sorry it has been so long since I lasted updated you all.

To be honest there isn’t much to say. I’m ticking along just nicely and have even applied for a couple of jobs. 134 more words

Living With Cancer

Whispers From Heaven

Have you ever had a time when you were struggling with life and worrying over something, and would just like a hug or some comfort? This morning I was not feeling well and was just really overwhelmed by everything I needed to do and discouraged with my growing limitations and discomforts of pregnancy. 293 more words


A Few Words about Positive Thinking

It is inevitable that, before too long, the canceree will find themselves exhorted to ‘think positively’ and ‘be strong’ in order to ‘beat the disease’. Looking on the bright side of life may make the canceree feel better emotionally and psychologically, of course; it can dilute the fear that cancer creates in people and it is much easier if your friend who has cancer is jolly and smiling, rather than despairing and tearful. 367 more words

A Thousand Tiny Scratches

Today is exactly three months from the day we began this journey. Three months none of us will ever forget. Three months filled with moments of terror, joy, and pain. 651 more words

The Longest Journey