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A Turning Point


My college buddy Val reminded me today that there are people following my story that aren’t on Facebook and aren’t directly privy to the trickle of information from my immediate family. 849 more words

AGAINST ALL ODDS A Survivor’s Story: Conquering Cancer

By Joahnna Lalic, as told to Joi Irong

Life Before Cancer

We migrated to Canada September of 2006.  My husband, Jerry, was employed three months after we arrived and our kids (Zachary and Rebecca) were settled in school and have started to make new friends.  1,007 more words


I am a biscuit

Last year, on Apr 9th I wrote my ‘Mrs Impatient’ blog post. 10 months ago I thought I was feeling better after all my treatment. But…it is only now that I really feel like my body has recovered from the battering it had. 216 more words

Early Christmas Gifts

As I left bay #5, I almost bumped into what I thought was a visitor, and she was, but she was more.

“Hi, Remember me? I was here a few months ago. 114 more words

Đếm - Ngày thứ 347

Tôi không quen với những con số, nói đúng hơn là tôi không giỏi bất cứ chuyện gì có liên quan đến số. Nhưng may thay người ta phát minh ra excel, mấy cái apps nhỏ nhỏ trong điện thoại để giúp mấy người như tôi. 977 more words

Beating Cancer

Race for Life

A few months ago, when I noticed the unusual tone of skin of my breasts, I thought that this time round I had cancer. It wasn’t the first time I noticed something unusual about my breasts. 702 more words


Day 260

I’m having my greatest appreciation for every single luckiness has been coming to my Father now. More than ever, I believe love is the most beautiful thing and the best cure in the world. 190 more words

Beating Cancer