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The Terror in Perfection

Today I felt like a person. Not a person with cancer, not a patient, just a person. I had a taste of normal. For a few hours, I actually forgot about cancer. 1,055 more words

Beating Cancer

Day 20

It’s almost a month since the day we knew about the tumor in my Father’s lung and my Father has not taken any medicine yet. The curing process has not been started yet, and he is still suffering the pain and serious cough every single day. 289 more words

Beating Cancer

Day 14

Sometimes you just find yourself like in the mood of losing all your patience and strength and all the thing that you want to do is crying out your little strength left and die. 188 more words

Beating Cancer

Birthday | 08 11 2016

Today is my birthday!

“Birthday is just a day” he said, he was my boyfriend. He said that when I woke up in the morning, next to him, yelled “Happy Birthday” and hugged him tightly. 257 more words

Beating Cancer

Day 6

Somehow everything seems to be controlled, but I know we cannot underestimate it because it’s just the beginning. My father has to stay at home and wait for the final decision of the doctors to know the curing process. 195 more words

Beating Cancer


My mother is stronger than I thought!

It’s not easy to accept the fact that the man you love and have been by your side for 27 years is now having cancer. 148 more words

Beating Cancer

The news came!

On October 28th 2016, after having a general health check and doing some tests (blood test, lungs x-ray and CAT Scan,…), the doctor asked my father to have lung biopsy since he said that there was a tumor in my father’s lung and a lymph node in his throat. 358 more words

Beating Cancer