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‚ÄčThe spontaneous teaching

On the liberative art

Perceiving the spontaneous teaching (that is, taught by one as the spontaneous result of his realization), holding the appropriate conscientious attitude, fixing the mind on the element (meditative concentration- fixing it upon name and blissful contemplation), and viewing objects as (both) existent and nonexistent : such is the fivefold liberative art process of identification. 198 more words


October Beatitude 2017

October has just passed. I recently turned to 20 and things are seemingly change in a great pace yet amazing if we see it closer. 481 more words


Strange and Hypnotic sounds

New York City, 1956

“Each today is yesterday’s tomorrow, which is now. Now is all I have, now is all I need, now is all I want” ~ Moondog


The Beatitudes: 9 of 9

His words really cut to my heart, but I should have expected that reaction from the world. It cannot be otherwise, for when we decide to follow Jesus, we WILL provoke the world to insult, violence, and slander. 465 more words


Youth Ministry Question #1: Check your Beatitude bro!

NOTE: This is a continuation, not a duplication, of the Youth Ministry questions I posted last year.

{Oct. 2nd} You can find the Beatitudes in Matt.

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Youth Ministry Questions

Enchanted Isle, a Perfect Place.

eden ahbez camped underneath the first L in the Hollywood sign above Los Angeles and ate only fruit and nuts. He wore white robes and refused to capitalize his name claiming: “only the words God and Infinity are worthy of capitalization”.


51 year old humor...

Not much has changed. “You can argue the fact, but you can’t argue the law.”

Modern Dissonance