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The Fab Faux

Hi Folks

Here is a link to an excellent band, The Fab Faux. My friend and I saw them twice together at theaters near her and it was an excellent each time. 78 more words


December 16, 2016 All In The Family

George Martin, Off The Beatle Track, United Artists UAS 6377, 1964

The Beatles didn’t have to look over their shoulders for someone trying to cash in on their fame.   304 more words

December 15, 2016 I've Just Seen A Cover

The Music Company, Rubber Soul Jazz, Mirwood MW-7002, 1966

It’s hard to say who’s idea this was.  The Music Company seems to be just a collection of the famed Wrecking Crew, session musicians who recorded on virtually every hit record that came out of LA for 30 years.   223 more words

December 14, 2016 The Long And Deep $4 Bin

Kings Road, The Long And Winding Road, Pickwick SCP-3239, 1970

Most of the schlocky discount Beatles records I have came out in the immediate aftermath of  306 more words

December 13, 2016 All You Need Is Love Is All Around

Sonny Curtis, Beatle Hits Flamenco Guitar Style, Imperial LP-9276, 1964

At the time this record came out, Sonny Curtis was most famous for being the infamous replacement for Buddy Holly in The Crickets.   190 more words

December 12, 2016 My Buddy

Buddy Morrow, Big Band Beatlemania, Epic BN-26095, 1964

We’ve sort of moved from the schlocky discount Beatles knockoff records into the schlocky higher brow Beatles knockoff records.   153 more words

December 9, 2016 Unmitigated Gaul

The Blue Beats, The Beatle Beat, AA Records 133, 1964

Of all the discount records I’ve featured this week, this one might be the most galling.   229 more words