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A Slower Version of the Beautiful Game

Dambusters FC welcomes new members for walking football. We play every Thursday at 11.00am at Silverlake Stadium, Stoneham Lane,  Eastleigh, Southampton SO50 9HT.


Passion, magic and underachieving – The FA cup fourth round.

The FA cup has always been looked at as one of the greatest club cup competitions in the world, and last weekend has proven why. 524 more words

The Magic of the Cup


Wow. Just wow. What an absolutely sensational afternoon in English football. If you aren’t ‘in’ with sport (inexcusable!) allow me to explain how what happened today just serves to reinforce why the beautiful game really is, well, beautiful. 663 more words

The moment Cristiano Ronaldo Jr gets starstruck by Lionel Messi at Ballon d'Or

Mashable: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are undeniably soccer’s two biggest stars. For many fans of the beautiful game, there’s no compromise — you’re either Team Messi or Team Ronaldo; simply acknowledging both of them as otherworldly talents who are blessings to spectators everywhere is all but impossible. 41 more words


Where is the love?

As the 3rd round weekend of FA Cup action has just passed us by, i can look back at what is hopefully shaping up to be a good tournament, that is, if the boring old sods don’t get their way. 445 more words

Play the beautiful game well...

I really am supposed to be grading essays right now. And I will continue to do so.  I promise.

After I finish this blog entry. 400 more words


Why passing backwards is the secret to moving forward

I once had a coach who had the audacity to tell me that I had to pass back a few years ago, I was playing as a winger/striker at the time with my main job being to supply and/or score goals. 752 more words