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Tanner Reviews Ori and the Blind Forest

Today, we revisit the concept of the Artistic Indie Game. I will not hide the fact that I absolutely love this genre. Most of these games are single player, which appeals to me, have an artistic feel to them, which appeals to me, have a typically low price tag, which REALLY appeals to me, and on the whole portrays video games as a new blossoming form of artistic media. 829 more words


The Beautiful Game.

Football. Not the game played with an oblong piece of pigskin, the game played with the foot and a perfectly round piece of synthetic leather. Commonly called “soccer” here in the states. 462 more words

The Beautiful Game

Soccer season is in full swing – this year I’ve moved across the touchline from ‘parent’ to ‘Asst. Coach’

So much fun.

When I was a kid we’d play in the local park from basically the moment we got home until it got dark. 106 more words

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Soccer Is Life

More than any other sport, soccer is life.

When asked to qualify my love for the sport, I immediately go to the usual reasons – the flow of the game, the constant movement, the consistency of the rules, the athleticism of the players, no stoppages or timeouts, only three subs, blah blah blah… 358 more words


Hand Me Downs And Cotton Wool

A black t-shirt with a white hand stitched number 10 over the left breast.

Oversized hand me down black shorts.

Mud. So much mud. Ankle deep, black and stinking like stagnant pond water. 135 more words

Beautiful Game

Chelsea in Australia

It was May 1 when I heard the news that Chelsea had confirmed that they will be playing in Sydney, Australia. In sheer excitement I booked my pre-sale tickets salivating at the prospect of watching the mighty blues play in front of what I knew would be a packed crowd. 657 more words


Luzira Prison Outside Kampala, Uganda: Home To Some Africa's Most Violent Criminals And Also The World's Most Elaborate Prison Soccer League

The Guardian — Luzira was once the most notorious prison in Uganda. Now it’s home to what is surely the world’s most elaborate prison football league – and a model for the transformative power of the beautiful game… 226 more words