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Nature's Beauty

Find time each day to have a special moment. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Smile and be happy for life is short and you have to make the most of it.


Another Year for Objectives and New Adventures in the Garden

Winter has at last ended  in Greece. We had a flawless harvest time and a bizarrely mild climate up to this point. A few people had communicated stress over the deferral in the changing of the seasons, however we do appear to be past unusual between time that now. 311 more words


Reality about those expandable hoses

I’m certain we’ve all observed this add, you turn the water on and this hose develops, extending to where you require it, you kill the water, and it contracts back, perfectly putting itself away. 426 more words


5 Things to Do While You’re Waiting Winter

Watching the snow pack soften is kind of like watching the tide recede–in moderate movement.

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5 different gardening tools and their uses?

In case you’re searching for instruments that will help with blossom cultivating or scene planting, here are my recommendations: 217 more words