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“Katamari” is a series of Japanese videos games.

The word 塊/”katamari” means clump or lump.

In the game, you roll a ball and stuff sticks to it and gets bigger and bigger. 84 more words

Catalogue for Paper Dolls, Item 37

Outfit(s) inspired by the King of All Cosmos and the Prince of Beautiful Katamari. And that wraps up my week of outfits inspired by my favorite video game characters!

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Analysing the Video Game

Beautiful Katamari (Namco, Now Production/Namco Bandai, 2007)

Played on Xbox 360

Beautiful Katamari (2007) is an abstract, third person puzzle game where the player is tasked to roll things up (varying in size from biscuits to whole cities) with a sticky ball in order to recreate planets and the whole universe with the help of the King of All Cosmos. 585 more words

Video Game Studies

List of Xbox 360 games we want backwards compatible


  1. Devil May Cry
  2. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  3. Dead Rising
  4. Mass Effect 2
  5. Arkham Asylum
  6. Saint’s Row
  7. Fable
  8. Lost Odyssey


Beautiful Katamari

I love this game. 32 more words

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Review: Katamari Series

(This blog is intended for parents who may not be gamers themselves but want to know more about video gaming.  And, I am not a gaming expert.  737 more words



This game is so weird. Basically all you do is roll stuff up, but you kinda don’t get a feeling of accomplishment because the king never praises you. 19 more words

Why Beautiful Katamari Made Me Sad

As much as people may complain about used games, I can say that I’ve certainly reaped the benefits of having a used game store built in my town.  639 more words

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