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Understand yourself….who you are?

In our daily life we get so busy that we don’t get time to understand yourself. What we want? Who we are? and what is the meaning of our life? 129 more words


Life is a music. Let everyone listen it.

Each one of us are unique and different from each other. Let’s raise your voice and let the world know what you are. Each personality is born with something different than others and we can show it in our behavior. 77 more words


Wedding Story of Jeanina & Jeanlo // Dortmund, Germany

when i first came to Jeanina and Jeanlos home the day before the wedding i was thrilled to the bottom of my aesthetic sensors for interiors. 362 more words

Beautiful Living

Be beautiful always!!

Be beautiful always no matter how this world treats you. Try always to be a beautiful hearted person. We all go through some good and some bad experiences but it doesn’t mean that you treat the world same way it is treating you. 97 more words

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