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A couple of weeks ago I spent a wonderful Saturday in the great outdoors.  I helped set up a great event that hopefully will become more of a permanent fixture through the coming months.   315 more words


Be Beautiful--Your Way

Be you –and be beautiful in your own way. Take a look at what you can do to beautify your eyes by going to http://www.youravon.com/jdinkins… 40 more words

Avon Codes

Experience, stories and laughter...

Meeting our old buddies makes us happy but did u try to find how it makes the difference. What new things happened, which gave you happiness. 172 more words


Traveling miles away

Walk…run…travel….miles and miles away…. Go out of comfort zone. See the world. Meet different people. Make this world yours. Observe the difference. Say “hello” to strangers. 115 more words


Understand yourself….who you are?

In our daily life we get so busy that we don’t get time to understand yourself. What we want? Who we are? and what is the meaning of our life? 129 more words


Life is a music. Let everyone listen it.

Each one of us are unique and different from each other. Let’s raise your voice and let the world know what you are. Each personality is born with something different than others and we can show it in our behavior. 77 more words