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A Perfect Rainbow Over New York

Seen here is a beautiful rainbow over New York as seen from Midtown West, Manhattan.

True Love


like a Sky

Quench thirst of earth with out a word


like a Moon

Unfurl each and every petal of a flower by grace touch… 29 more words

Rainbow, Christmas Crackle Biscuits and Sunset

1    There was such a stormy sky this morning and suddenly there was a beautiful rainbow.

2    My lovely sister-in-law in Atlanta sent me this recipe for some delicious biscuits, Molasses Crackle Biscuits, a batch of which I made this afternoon and which I have renamed for the season as Christmas Crackle Biscuits. 46 more words


Spring Fever Part V aka Rainbow 2 of 2 in 2 Days!

We did some more storm chasing. And what do you know?! ANOTHER rainbow (as though the title didn’t give it away…)! It was super windy and rather chilly, but we saw a beautiful sight and had lots of fun. 21 more words


Double Rainbow

These past few nights we have had storms every afternoon.  The first night I went out onto the porch to enjoy the lightning and right as the sun hit the horizon to go down this blast of light was sent over the valley and a huge double rainbow showed up so close it felt like I could touch it. 9 more words

Current Events

Tropical Dando...two days later

The lyrics of one of my favourite songs by Brazilian group, Smoke City, kept playing through my mind today; “after the rain comes sun, after the sun comes rain again…”. 146 more words


Look up!

It was a normal rainy, windy, sunny, cool day in Longburn, and I had spent most of the day indoors, pottering around my flat, pretending to be busy, when the sun came out again.  566 more words