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Flawless Beauty! No Needles! No Pain! No Surgery!

Want to look 10 years younger than your age? Want to get rid of puffy eyes (eye bags, bulky unwanted sagging eyelids), ravaging pimples and wrinkles. 383 more words

Beautiful Woman

Nubian Queen

I am a queen, I will not let no man half love me.



A Tale of Water Bearer’s Pots

I am shorty woman with 4’10 height, born with squared jaw face with big, suppurated pimpled face, yellow teeth, wrinkled bottom feet and other things that I hate about myself. 675 more words

Beautiful Woman

How to Strengthen Your Immune System

Twenty years ago, I can climb mountains for hours, can walk many miles and I can endure 8-10 hours working in our Clinical Practice during my college days. 487 more words

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Sista'

Beautiful sista’

I been peeping you

with my third eye

And when you

walk by

I smell that new perfume..

What is it called??

Oh yeah, “FLAVOR” 216 more words


Imagine Provocative

I seek

what is natural,

certain beauty,

we always feel when

you do walk in the room,

that universal wanton,

flaunting to one’s eye,

sweet to another, 73 more words



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