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Beauty of the Soul

“We, men, often have a cruel character. That’s why we appreciate tenderness, fragility and modesty. These are the qualities men lack the most. There is nothing more inhospitable for a man than a woman who is arrogant, impudent and austere. 8 more words


Mystical Femininity

What is the mystical femininity? Young women all over the world try to enhance themselves through various outside attributes, such as flashy or skimpy clothing, creating a certain image of themselves to the outside world, make-up, learning all the correct mannerisms and gestures, in more radical cases using plastic surgery and so on. 200 more words


Why I Love Watching "Being Mary Jane".

I was watching the show “Being Mary Jane” the other night and for the first time, I really looked at it from┬áthe prospective of being a Black Women in a society where the “the good ole’ boys” still rule. 611 more words

Official Boobs

I thought you’d like this Pin on Pinterest… http://pin.it/RKsG2ia

When boobs flop from right to left like that They are officially huge